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2020 Tesla Model Y Test Results | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #287

2020 Tesla Model Y Test Results | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #287 1

We dedicate this entire episode to sharing our test results of the Tesla Model Y, the all-electric SUV based on the Model 3. We discuss our findings on the Model Y's handling, off-the-line performance, and charging experience compared to other EVs. We also talk about our experience with the Model Y's cargo space compared to the Model 3, overall build quality, and whether it is a reliable vehicle, based on our comprehensive reliability survey of CR members.


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00:00 – Introduction
00:20 – 2020 Tesla Model Y Test Results
12:50 – Tesla Autopilot
18:34 – Question #1: Has the CR Model Y had any common issues with fit and finish, panel alignment, and paint quality?
21:25 – Question #2: Are Uber credits a viable substitute for a loaner when having your Tesla repaired?
23:50 – Question #3: What SUV would be a good substitute for a Model Y, with good ride height, ease of entry, and quiet interior?


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