CR’s Child Seat Crash Tests | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #427

Cr'S Child Seat Crash Tests | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #427 1

For decades, Consumer Reports has independently tested child seats which includes a crash test for each seat in our ratings. In this episode, we take you inside our contracted lab for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our testing. Our experts explain how the testing exceeds government standards, and why it better reflects real world car crashes. They also share five tips for making sure your car seat is installed safely and correctly.

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6 Comments on "CR’s Child Seat Crash Tests | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #427"

  1. tips starts at 13:26

  2. Thank you for testing for children’s safety. It will be very important information for consumers.
    I hope this test will be carried out in Korea as well.

  3. Full Rigor Mortis | September 20, 2023 at 3:40 PM |

    I was hoping to see all the crash testing, im disappointed that I cant find it. Thanks for the testing though

  4. Hatala Testing | September 20, 2023 at 5:19 PM |

    This is such amazing and meaningful work. As scientists, thank you for explaining it in such a way that we (the public) can understand the nuances of the testing.

  5. Thanks for showing us behind the curtain. This testing puts more confidence in all the other testing you do. Cheers to you all.

  6. I hope you will do one on booster seats. Thank you.

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