2020 Hyundai Venue Test Results; Buying a Car During the Coronavirus Pandemic | Talking Cars #252

2020 Hyundai Venue Test Results; Buying A Car During The Coronavirus Pandemic | Talking Cars #252 1

We finished testing on the 2020 Hyundai Venue and discuss our test results, and which car category this compact people mover slots into. We talk about how the car purchasing experience has changed during these strange times, and share some of the options that we've encountered buying a car while social distancing. We also answer audience questions about the accuracy of the EPA estimated fuel economy numbers, why some electric vehicles have an additional 12 volt car battery, and whether or not tires are government regulated.


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00:56 – Car Buying Options During the Coronavirus Pandemic
16:16 – 2020 Hyundai Venue Test Results
23:03 – Question #1: Why are my fuel economy numbers different from the EPA’s estimated numbers?
27:19 – Question #2: Why some electric vehicles have an additional 12-volt car battery?
30:43 – Question #3: Are all tires regulated by the government?
35:20 – Question #4: Why is the inventory on the Kia Telluride low and the price higher than the MSRP?


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34 Comments on "2020 Hyundai Venue Test Results; Buying a Car During the Coronavirus Pandemic | Talking Cars #252"

  1. “Maybe you don’t need a car” This kind of honesty is why I love CR.

  2. Thanks for always giving us great content! And, is that 80s wood paneling? LOL! Love CR.

  3. A few years ago the Firestone Company store was offering Kumho brand tires. It did not last the warranty miles, and the dealer replaced the with Firestone or Bridgestone brand tires. The company had discontinued offering that brand in its product line.

  4. Thank God in Canada it’s against the law to sell above MSRP .

  5. On the Telluride, I look every now and again, and particularly the higher trims are always over MSRP. I know they are saying to wait, but it’s worth noting it’s coming up on a year now and it’s been like this since day one. Also, with the covid stuff, seems like every manufacturer panicked and suddenly had 72 or 84 month 0% financing, and kia is included in that group… but not for the telluride. So it’s the double whammy of them charging over MSRP and financing at a significantly higher APR. While I think it’s the best vehicle in the segment, the famed ‘value proposition’ is overstated in the current environment. (which has kind of annoyed me on every car comparison video, they always pick telluride or palisade because ‘bang for your buck’ but the comparison is always based on MSRP.)

  6. Love your show, gentlemen. Keep up the great work and stay safe.

  7. One thing to remember when extending your lease, at least here in California, your vehicle registration is due for the entire year whether you extend for one day or one year. Something to keep in mind when extending your typical 24 or 36 month lease.

  8. I agree with all of this and my 2010 chevy hhr came with electronic stability control before or after this situation

  9. Buying a car is an emotional act.
    No one’s going to say, “Well, I was going to buy a Giulia, but since I’m working from home, I’ll get a Yaris.”

    • David M both my last two car purchases were not emotional, just practical.

    • Not everyone is like that. I’m completely logical and done almost the exact scenario you mentioned, only with 2 models that were actually comparable in price. In fact, most people are like this. That’s why you see more practical and less road capable cars become more popular (SUVs), and also why the most popular manufacturers (Toyota) are not the most fun to drive, but the most reliable. I don’t think anyone gets excited over a mid-line SUV or a Japanese/Korean sedan…And these sell much more over the Guilia (or even a BMW)

      If you’re talking about a 2nd or 3rd car, or if someone has deep pockets…Then your statement is more accurate.

    • You’re partially right, someone practical enough to buy a Yaris would never consider a Giulia anyhow since no one looks that cool waiting for a tow truck on the side of the road.

    • @X-ray Scott Bing!!!

    • @Pauline Weinberger I stand corrected; I think to most women, such as my wife, a car is an appliance. I should have said “to men (or people) who care about cars…”

  10. This is my favourite trio so far. Hopefully Gabe figures out the internet and can join you one week.

  11. Love the waving cat Jake! I have been a viewer since the beginning, and absolutely enjoy the podcast. Thank you for putting on the show. We miss seeing Tom, hope he is doing well.
    As a shop manager and technician, these are definitely different times. We are seeing delayed repairs and maintenance. Thanks for saying that folks should try and keep their cars a little longer.
    I get the question a lot about repairs versus replacement of the vehicle. On the repair side , we usually say 5 average car payments. If the repair is $3,000 or less, we usually recommend repairing the vehicle. It depends on the vehicle’s predicted reliability (yes we use Consumer Reports research!) and history of vehicle.
    Since I am a Technician, our personal fleet is an 01 Camry LE, 03 Lexus RX300, a 2011 Tacoma Double Cab 4X4, and a 16 Kia Soul. I also have a Honda Shadow Aero 1100 too. Thanks again for the podcast!

  12. Jake, who’s that waving in the background?

  13. Jake – this is such a better look for you. It should be your new look going forward ! Very today.

  14. Jake’s cat is waving to me.

  15. If it was up to me Jake would be included every week.

  16. A year more of quarantine? I don’t think that will happen. I think the car deals are fantastic and people who need or want a car should buy or lease one. You guys will survive and continue to review cars ASAP.

  17. jake looks a lot better with the short buzz. he was hanging on to the thinning hair on top for too long.

  18. Re: Batteries, In the original Ford Escape Hybrid, there was a button under the dash you could press if you managed to totally drain the big traction battery, it would actually warm up and slightly charge the big battery from the 12v battery, since the big battery was responsible for stating the gas engine. According to the manual, you could try this button twice before you’d kill the 12v battery.

  19. Great information.Would a cheap EV be ok to buy?I live in Connecticut and was thinking of getting one.Or do you think a small car like a Venue or Spark?

  20. Great show as always!

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