Preparing Your Car For The Winter Season | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #378

Preparing Your Car For The Winter Season | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #378 1

With the cold season just around the corner, we share vital tips on preparing your vehicle for driving in wintry conditions, including checking and maintaining the proper tire pressure, the state of your car's battery charge, and topping off appropriate fluids. Also, we inspire a young mechanical engineering student with personal stories of how we advanced in our own automotive careers and give advice regarding future opportunities. And we welcome a special guest to the show this week, Consumer Reports' President and CEO Marta Tellado, as she shares the insights and inspiration contained in her new book, "Buyer Aware," available in stores on September 20th.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:15 – Preparing Your Car For The Winter Season
10:02 – Question: What career opportunities are available for a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry?
16:44 – Special Guest: Consumer Reports’ President and CEO Marta Tellado

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  1. Is this a promotion on the supposedly-noncommercial CR?

  2. You all should test wiper blades

  3. @4:00 though Jake said “So many people have awd… helps you get going but not able to stop”. Its true for AWD but I remember O’Neil Rally School had a video how 4WD help in stopping having constant power to all wheels. I remember when I had AWD it gives under-steer feel on snow/icy corners vs now with 4WD I feel good amount of control on corners even when foot off the gas.

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