Testing Winter Tires for Ice Braking

Testing Winter Tires For Ice Braking 1

An axel jump? Great for figure skaters; not so much for cars. We test winter tires on an ice skating rink to make sure the ones you buy brake when you need them to.

5 Comments on "Testing Winter Tires for Ice Braking"

  1. You mean ‘stop’ when you need them to.

  2. CR, We need a side by side comparison of the same model with and without winter tires.

  3. I really wish if you could compare All terrain tires with 3 peak mountain snow flake rating for 4wd owners please. Just want to see how bad they are compared to a non studded dedicated winter tire. I’m thinking of A/Ts with 3PMSF like BFG KO2, Falken Wildpeak AT3W, Goodyear Wrangler Duratac (These are the ones I have on my 4Runners). I got Load C and Standard Load of these running around 32-33psi if that matters. Too bad dedicated winter tires are not strong enough for my use unless I can change tires on side of the road before I hit the road after a trail run in winter.

  4. Where’s the Tokyo Drift version where Ryan does laps of the rink?

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