First Look: 2021 Toyota Mirai | Consumer Reports

First Look: 2021 Toyota Mirai | Consumer Reports 1

Ever wondered what a hydrogen-powered car emits out it's tailpipe? Hint: It's definitely not greenhouse gas.The Toyota Mirai is an electric vehicle—but you don’t have to charge it 🤯. Check out a first look at this hydrogen-powered vehicle 💧

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8 Comments on "First Look: 2021 Toyota Mirai | Consumer Reports"

  1. Sweet the hydrogen car!

  2. How does hydrogen transfers to filling stations?

  3. Oil companies love this idea. It’s a waste of resources.

  4. Hydrogen components also weighs far less than battery EVs… Which matters for payload and towing.. The range on current battery truck EVs drop dramatically when towing.. There is no easy souktion since bigger battery = even more weight and less payload

  5. I love it….A car that takes a piss on demand!

  6. EV adoption is accelerating every year. Exponential not linear. The only limiting factor is batteries.
    The number of electric vehicles and types of vehicles and trucks is growing.
    Many people are holding off buying a new car or scooter until the electric vehicle they want becomes available.
    Electric vehicles are just better. No noise, no emissions, less fuel costs, less maintenance costs and amazing technology. Gasoline and diesel are OLD polluting technology. So last century. Electric cars, electric trucks, electric buses, electric trash haulers, electric snow blowers, electric lawn mowers, electric weed whackers, electric hedge trimmers, electric snow mobiles, electric water craft, electric garden tools, electric mechanic tools, electric motor cycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric farm tractors, electric construction equipment, electric delivery vehicles, …… everything is going electric. No worries about starting after sitting for a few months. Gas always needs repairs. If you care about the future for your children care about climate change

  7. How much does it cost to refill this car?

  8. Great technology, but I believe it is doomed in the market place unless big government (state and federal) get behind it. Plus it is competing with the favorite flavor of the moment, EV cars. And there are still hurdles in making EV cars as convenient and available as ICE cars (which are in short supply).

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