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  1. Consumer reports didn’t say which pods were the best! 

  2. “378 Loads”   What a great starting line lol.

  3. And what about those of us that want an unscentend, sensitive-skin detergent?

  4. I use arm and hammer and it works very well

  5. I’ve used Tide Pods since they came out, because they are so damn good!!
    I’ve sure used a variety of different others before, but when I tried the Tide Pods I never looked back!!
    P.S.  The Sunlight Pods suck!  Much worse than their powder!

  6. I love you guys for releasing these.
    I recall last year kirkland’s pods were rated as the best amongst price and efficiency.
    Now my question is that, did Costco’s value brand dropped off or they weren’t tested?

  7. I thought we were in a drought?

  8. Can you do a review of which “free and clear” laundry detergent works best? 

  9. Its one of the cheapest and its one of the best laundry detergents: FOCA laundry detergent.
     Use 1/2 a cup for a large load on a regular top loading machine, use 1/8 of a cup in a HE washer or just a little but more of a 1/8 of a cup ( 2 table spoons) or little less depending capacity of your HE washer. then use your favorite fabric softener. Don’t believe me check the Amazon.com reviews for FOCA laundry detergent or try it for yourself. FOCA is found in some Walmart stores, Target and many other stores. And the best thing is super super cheap!!!! I use it on my lg HE washer.

  10. Wisk is hard to find in stores so I use All free & clear liquid, both are made by Sun Products. Tide is the most expensive but Gain works just as well for less, they are both made by P&G. If you have an old top loading machine then powder detergent works the best, in fact most powders have washing soda(sodium carbonate) as the main ingredient. Liquid is best for HE machines, just make sure it says “HE” on the package. The reason the cheap(Sun, Purex, etc) detergents are so inexpensive is because they don’t have many ingredients including enzymes that help clean the clothes.

    • Im very happy using ALL. When its on sale, I grab a few bottles. Remember a box of ALL powder being in my grandmother’s laundry room 50 years ago. I used inexpensive soaps for years because of cost. But in the long run, the cheaper ones end up costing more because they dont clean as well.

  11. tide is agood ditergent

  12. thanks for a tiny bit of info…this is why I won’t subscribe like I have in the past. I realize it’s YouTube, but I’m talking about the actual CR. Not much on it, or am I missing something?

  13. Tide will always be my favorite to wash my clothing. Lo

  14. Best tip for white fabrics: turn off the washing machine and let it soak for 1-2h

  15. I think this is just a sample video. You probably have to pay for the actual reviews.

  16. I use Sun Oxi-Clean 160 load.

  17. I’ve had problems with the pods in my front loading HE machine. Seems they don’t completely dissolve and I’m found remnants of the pod material stuck to clothing when they come out of the dryer. I’ve stopped using them.

  18. Biased, persil smokes all of em. Not even in the test. Garbage

  19. Colourful Detergent Powder.The Best Detergent powder in the world

  20. The winner from the video: Sam’s Club’s Ultimate Clean and Wisk Deep Clean. Both works in any type of machines and are cheaper than Tide.

    Tide Ultra Stain Release and Tide Plus Bleach, both are good but works only with high-efficiency washers.

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