5 Must-Have Dash Cam Features | Consumer Reports

5 Must-Have Dash Cam Features | Consumer Reports 1

From personal security to evidence for insurance claims, dash cams can provide peace of mind. Here are five features you should look for when buying a dash cam.

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10 Comments on "5 Must-Have Dash Cam Features | Consumer Reports"

  1. Can you please recommend one that checks all boxes, especially with an 8k resolution?

  2. When will you have reviews for Dash Cans? I just checked and couldn’t see any through the app. Thanks!

  3. Can you please do a list of the best dashcams on Amazon. Thanks in advance.

  4. I’d add a sentry mode of some kind. Nothing I’d like better than to see the jerk that keyed my truck that was parked at the back of a parking lot away from everyone

  5. The camera you showed in this video is a Chortau. Is that a CR recommended brand?

  6. my old car’s electrical system can’t handle even 2 cameras. i’ll stick with one.

  7. The feature I like the most is a dashcam that’s invisible. I got a Garmin mini with no screen and it fits entirely in front of my rear view mirror so I never see it.

  8. Not to mention more cameras can put more strain on your alternator and battery.

  9. What’s the average life expectancy of those cameras? My old one lasted 4 years.

  10. Again, i HIGHLY appreciate the Quick info dump with these very short videos filled with info

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