2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #362

2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #362 1

The Ford Maverick hybrid promises superior fuel economy and pickup utility at a price that's thousands of dollars less than the more common standard-sized truck. But will the availability of the hybrid powertrain as front-wheel drive only be a deal-breaker for buyers? Can this small pickup handle truck duties, and how does it compare to the standard engine version? Also, we explain the science behind regenerative braking, and how it works in both hybrid and electric vehicles.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:52 – First Impressions : 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid
13:39 – Question: Please explain the science behind regenerative braking, and how it works in both hybrid and electric vehicles?

First Drive: 2022 Ford Maverick Is a Throwback to the Era of Small, Simple Pickup Trucks

2022 Ford Maverick

How to Decide If a Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, or Fully Electric Car Is Right for You

Guide to Car Safety

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28 Comments on "2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #362"

  1. I’m slightly dissapopinted around the commentary about the transmission. This isn’t a conventional CVT a la Nissan, subaru etc, read cones and belts. The trans in the maverick and escape hybrid are eCVT -it’s effectively marketing. It uses a similar system to the Prius iirc with a planetary gear system, a motor-generator and traction motor. If I’m not mistaken, the engine acts as a generator at low speeds and does direct-drive at higher speeds,

    • you’re right. in my RAV4 hybrid, it seems like the motor acts as a generator when the battery is depleted and when cruising, and then either the engine alone or in conjunction with the electric motor can drive the front wheels. the electric motors can of course move the vehicle on their own, too.

    • I had the same thoughts as you when listening to the CVT commentary.
      Maverick Hybrid does not have a traditional mechanical CVT (as you noted) which would have the traditional CVT downfalls that were alluded to in the commentary. The Maverick Hybrid essentially uses an electric linear motor driven transmission (which is of course continuously variable)…
      Here’s a video that describes the operation of the Ford eCVT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHU5xFOBcsU&t=9s

  2. i use my car only to drive to work….i dont off road….instead of getting a compact car, i think this maveric is more practical…..i dont care about the front wheel drive only, and the non-independent rear

  3. My Dad ordered a non hybrid in January and still hasn’t gotten it yet so hopefully they start moving them out to buyers.

    • I ordered an ecoboost in November and it is scheduled to be built this month so maybe I will get it by August. maybe. January was the last month that 2022 orders were taken, so your dad may get it by fall or it may be moved to a 2023 model. Hard to tell, but the average wait time right now is 9-12 months.

  4. It’s strange that Ford isn’t offering AWD with the hybrid Maverick. It’s definitely doable since it’s available on the Escape hybrid which is on a similar platform. I think they will offer it in the future and I’m hoping they will have a plug-in hybrid too, that would be a great addition. Overall, it’s a great size and price. I think people are realizing full sized pickups have grown too big (with high load heights) to be convenient for commuting and their running costs are just too high with the current price of gas.

  5. 17:22 In summary: The rotating motion applied to the motor turns it into a generator, creating electricity that charges the battery.

  6. Great Vlog . Keep them coming.

  7. I would like to know more about what you guys thought of the interior…..cramped?

  8. Nice to see you guys together 👍. Thanks for all the great content.

  9. Love the vehicle, love y’alls humor, stay true!

  10. I at one point was towing a boat with a front drive minivan. Actually never had a problem with wheel spin, as the front tires were never in the water. Also no algae that far up the boat ramp.

  11. Hybrids are great nowadays, but plug-in hybrids are even better.

  12. Your explanation on regenerative braking was kind of convoluted. When you lift the throttle, the drive motors convert to generators. Producing power for the batteries and drag/resistance on the wheels.

  13. Where I live in Canada, the government requires that the advertised price for vehicles include the delivery charge (and anything else you have to pay other than tax) to avoid burying cost in a hidden fee. Markups are also criminal, because they can’t charge over the advertised MSRP.

  14. the Maverick is a great truck for probably half of the people that buy F-150s and almost everyone that buys a Ranger. I live in Austin, TX, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an F-150 (outside of the WT models) towing anything. Rangers, definitely never. The Maverick is a vehicle that acknowledges that the average buyer uses a truck for these days: everything family sedans did 15 years ago. towing won’t be an issue because I firmly believe less than 5% of buyers will *ever* tow with one of these.

  15. The Queen's Half Corgi | June 3, 2022 at 4:55 PM |

    7:08 CVT or eCVT that have simulated shift points are very silly. They were designed to deliver power continuously, but because people don’t like the sensation, car makers are now putting fake shift points in 😂

  16. 16:20. It’s not the breaking that regenerated the motor. It’s the slowing down of the motor. The brakes just make it slow down faster. Because even just coasting the motor is being regenerated

  17. Being an EV engineer it was really painful listening to you guys explaining how coasting and regen breaking works. John and Ryan you guys were complete off in your explanation … Mike you were on the right track. The electric motor does not spin in the opposite direction during regen! A simpler anolgy is of an electric motor and a power generator/wind turbine.

  18. The holy Trinity of hosts. So glad to see you back together in person

  19. Thing is – the Ford Maverick Hybrid IS the perfect vehicle TODAY.. much more if they introduce a PHEV with at least 32-40 mile range. It is a fuel miser, cheap point A to point B transportation plus 90% of what “trucks” are used for…. FWD? So what – I live in Michigan and all my vehicles have been FWD and they perform much better on snow than 4WD ones sans the added maintenance and potential breakables with the RWD components…

  20. I look forward to your further comments on the maverick. this thing has some real potential behind it, if the public takes it up.

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