Laundry Detergent Face-Off | Consumer Reports

Laundry Detergent Face-Off | Consumer Reports 1

The best laundry detergents we test can remove stains from body oil, dirt, grass, and blood. Find out which detergent comes out on top in this laundry detergent face-off.

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10 Comments on "Laundry Detergent Face-Off | Consumer Reports"

  1. What, no winner? Clickbait

  2. We prefer Persil, but it’s pretty close. Soak time can make a difference also.

  3. The check and compensation from Tide was just a little bigger and that’s how you get your winner.

  4. Missed opportunity!! Let’s get ready to “TUMBLE!” Great video otherwise. 🙂

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kirkland is made by P&G – and it’s basically Tide under Costco’s label.

  6. Having cleaned off layers of sticky detergent off my machine and floor, I cannot get enthused about laundry liquids. So I am a tablet sort of guy. Fun to watch.

  7. I’m definitely in the wrong dimension. Consumer reports has a much larger fan base in my true dimension.

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