13 Comments on "Fairness Needs a Fighter | Consumer Reports"

  1. Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick | May 3, 2021 at 11:32 AM |

    Yes it does

  2. Lol…..consumer reports is most BIASED

  3. Wow it’s like watching every color of the rainbow

  4. “When one of us fights for fairness” – didn’t really think that through?

    Regulatory capture. No matter how many fight for fairness, we lose.

    Antiquated liability laws. The amount corporations profit, even after paying penalties, mean there’s no incentive to do the right thing.

    Getting people to care about these sorts of things is important. I applaud your effort. But not with a message that basically says “you don’t need to care because there’s a small, dedicated group of people that do.”

  5. So who decides what is fair?

  6. Lime virtually ALL publications, CR mostly LEANS LEFT! The ultimate & Best Friend of Consumers is COMPETITION and the ONLY SOURCE of Competition is FREE & OPEN MARKETS. If someone tells you different , they are LYING, pure & Simple!

  7. It’s amazing that people don’t agree that fairness is a needed thing and then have some sort of ridiculous negative view about capitalism and corporations and whatever. they must just be absolute joys to live with.

    Kudos to you consumer reports!

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