2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid; EV Pickup Trucks; Volkswagen ID.4 | Talking Cars #274

2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid; Ev Pickup Trucks; Volkswagen Id.4 | Talking Cars #274 1

We recently purchased a 2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid for our test program, and our experts discuss how it compares to the regular Sonata, as well as competitors like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord hybrids. Ford has announced an EV F-150 pickup, and we talk about whether truck buyers are ready to embrace electric trucks like the Rivian R1T and Tesla Cybertruck, and if they can meet towing needs. Volkswagen and Electrify America announced an agreement providing unlimited charging for owners of the all-new 2021 ID.4 electric SUV. We touch on a new line of electric vehicles from Hyundai called i-oniq: the i-oniq 5 crossover, i-oniq 6 sedan, and the i-oniq 7 SUV. We also answer questions about prepping a Miata (or any car) for track days, and why it might be difficult to pre-order a new Kia K5 GT to your exact specifications.


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00:00 – Introduction
00:32 – 2021 Ford F-150 Electric
05:51 – Electrify America and Volkswagen Free Charging Agreement for ID.4
07:52 – Hyundai’s New I-oniq Line of Electric Vehicles
08:45 – 2020 Hyundai Santa Hybrid First Impressions
15:49 – Question #1: How to prepare a Mazda Mita (or any other car) for track day?
20:45 – Question #2: What could the strange noise and tire rubbing sensation when turning be in a AWD vehicle?
22:46 – Question #3: Why it might be difficult to pre-order a new Kia K5 GT to your exact specs?
25:04 – Question #4: What is a suitable replacement for a 2004 Toyota Prius with 260 miles?


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22 Comments on "2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid; EV Pickup Trucks; Volkswagen ID.4 | Talking Cars #274"

  1. 100% right on what current pickup truck drivers expect out of their trucks. Electric vehicle makers biggest obstacle will be to get most pickup truck owners to convert.

  2. What’s going on with the “chrome” trim (or lack thereof) around the windows on your Sonata Hybrid? Is it missing altogether on the driver’s side doors and only under the front window on the passenger’s side, or is it just not showing up well in the video?

  3. Let’s go electric.

  4. On my 2015 Outback I have the same thing as the viewer who asked the question about his Outback. Obviously mine is newer but I have also wondered that myself since I have heard that kind of sound before. I never changed my differential fluid so maybe will give it a try

  5. hyundai has to address resale value, its a big setback preventing me to purchase a Hyundai

  6. 2 talking cars podcasts in a week 👍🙂

  7. It’s not a question of how soon you’ll recoup your cost with a hybrid now. It’s about saving a planet that’s on the brink. Especially when 90% of people are buying Stupid Useless Vehicles they don’t need.

  8. Electric pickups will appeal to 2 groups, tradesman, who only drive locally, less than 200 miles per day, and like the fuel savings, and people who use pickups like cars and don’t do a lot of towing.

  9. If you are getting a lot of binding, or strange noises on sharp turns, and you have a FWD or all wheel drive, also look at the CV joints, before doing any more than maintenance on the differential, especially when you are over 100,000 miles.

  10. They ran out of chrome around the windows?

  11. Most pick-up truck owners use them as daily drivers, grocery getters, and family haulers nowadays. They never tow a pound or kilogram or leave a paved surface.

  12. Although I would choose a tried and true Toyota Camry Hybrid over a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, I would still choose a Sonata Hybrid over the regular Sonata. Saving very substantial amounts of fuel and reducing C02 over the lifespan of the vehicle should be the priority in a commuter car.

  13. 1:44 a good question, and I can only guess at the answer, but I think this tells us what Ford is thinking.

    Ford is aiming squarely at fleet sales for their electric pickup truck which might be down right genius if they nail the numbers.

    Because what’s the biggest hurdle to EVs adaptation? Paying off the development cost and convincing consumers. Going fleet targeting solves both problems, because if the numbers are right, accounts don’t care, they’ll happily switch to EVs in a heart beat. If enough accounts switch, goodbye development cost.

  14. Why are you expecting Hyundai to “wow us” but when Toyota makes extremely average/boring products, that’s completely fine/expected?

  15. We are going to start finding out in the next five years if Americans are ready to go out and buy electric or not. In the USA in 2019, 1.6% of the vehicles sold in the USA were electric. That rises to 6.2% in California, where it is mostly warm and batteries last longer. In some northeastern states it is more around 0.4%. How much of a market is there in New England and the USA for battery powered cars/trucks/SUVs? How about in CT where CR is located? Interesting AWD Subaru question – I have 105,000 on our Subaru, don’t have any of that “crabbing” issue described. Does sound like the differential from the explanation but hope it is not that.

  16. Thirty seconds in, and I’m going to guess, you replace a 260,000 mile Prius with…a Prius.

  17. Hyundai offers a lifetime warranty on the battery for their hybrids for the original owner. How does Consumer Reports not mention that?! I think the lack of anxiety about battery replacement is a HUGE value. It’s ultimately why my parents chose their 2020 Hyundai Ioniq. The automatic drives so much smoother than a CVT, too. I wish they had purchased thethe Limited trim of the Sonata with the solar panel roof. I think that offers way more value.

  18. I would love a small electric van!

  19. Yes I knew he was referencing Johnny Carson’s ‘Carnac the Magnificent’, haha

  20. 12:35
    Hyundai has done a great job not skimping on fuel tank size.

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