4 Annoying Mask Problems … and How to Fix Them | Consumer Reports

4 Annoying Mask Problems ... And How To Fix Them | Consumer Reports 1

Wearing a mask is a key way to help fight the coronavirus pandemic but doing so can bring with it acne, fogged-up glasses and nose and ear irritation. But there are solutions for each of these issues.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:06 – Fogged up Glasses
00:25 – Maskacne
00:51 – Ear and Nose Irritation
01:11 – Mask Slipping

22 Comments on "4 Annoying Mask Problems … and How to Fix Them | Consumer Reports"

  1. What? You didn’t show any fixes but 1

  2. Please use the term non-prescription instead of the misnomer “over-the-counter”.

  3. That is some awful music, really bad.

  4. Taking the mask off fixes 100% of these problems. Nobody except essential workers or customers in populated shopping centers (6ft rule?) should be wearing them.

  5. Greetings from Lahore!

  6. Perhaps not practical for most folks, but self isolate and forget the dang mask. Mask-wearing and strategic social distancing work okay for brief ventures to higher risk environments. Everybody stay safe and be healthy if possible.

  7. Oh 2020, what have you done to us

  8. Its Annoying that people think the mask helps.

  9. Instead of all of that nonsense, just don’t wear the dang mask. All problems solved.

  10. great video

  11. Just use a visor / face shield instead

  12. “Bacteria build up from wearing a mask for a long period” That sounds real healthy..

    • George McGovern – Try being a healthcare worker that must wear TWO masks, a face shield, a gown, & two pairs of gloves for a 12-13 hour shift. Get over it!!!

  13. Two tips I’ve seen and used to help not listed in video: 1) Glasses fogged? Fold a tissue to make a liner along the top of your mask to absorb the moisture. 2) Ears hurt? Buy from Amazon (or wherever) those silicon mask extenders so the mask is hooked to the extender and not your ears. The extender goes behind your head! I’ve purchased a 5-pack because in addition to the mask, I wear glasses AND hearing aids! Best $10 spent.

  14. next teach us how to walk

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