The Secret to a Better Smoothie | Consumer Reports

The Secret To A Better Smoothie | Consumer Reports 1

The order you layer the ingredients in a blender makes a big difference in the quality of the blend. CR reveals how to stack your blender for a smoother smoothie. For more tips on blenders and access to our exclusive blender ratings, go to

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00:00 – Introduction
00:14 – What's a Vortex?
00:20 – Liquids
00:25 – Leafy Greens
00:35 – Nuts and Seeds
00:46 – Soft Foods
00:52 – Fresh Fruits & Veggies
1:00 – Frozen Fruits & Veggies
1:11 – Air Pockets
1:15 – Clogs
1:30 – Powders
1:35 – Ice Cubes

9 Comments on "The Secret to a Better Smoothie | Consumer Reports"

  1. I basically do the opposite and it works out fine every time.

  2. Adding avocado makes it silky smooth.

  3. Like some ice in mine. Really needs ice.

  4. Step 1. Spend ~ $600+ USD on a commercial-grade blender.
    Step 2. See: Step 1.

  5. facite non victimarum | August 11, 2020 at 4:15 PM |

    Very nice — for rich people. But how can the rest of get ANY of these beautiful fesh ingredients when we’re locked down, out of money and eating Ramen?

  6. lol funny coz you use vitamix

  7. This isn’t a smoothie… it’s gross 😂

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