The Best Way to Cook Chicken Wings at Home | Consumer Reports

The Best Way To Cook Chicken Wings At Home | Consumer Reports 1

From air frying to throwing them straight on the grill, CR pitted 16 different cooking methods against each other in the ultimate cooking showdown. Which method yields the perfect chicken wing? Watch and find out.

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5 Comments on "The Best Way to Cook Chicken Wings at Home | Consumer Reports"

  1. **Vacates offices last March**
    Comes back a year later to find wings still in the slow cooker. CAT FOOD.

  2. I wonder about a combo of a short boil in salty water and finished in the air fryer

  3. How long and what temp for air fry?

  4. James Wheaton | April 2, 2021 at 6:11 PM | Reply

    Too bad the β€˜best’ method makes the least?

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