How to Clean and Care for Nonstick Pans | Consumer Reports

How To Clean And Care For Nonstick Pans | Consumer Reports 1

A nonstick pan can be a go-to in your kitchen. But if you don’t treat it with care, you’ll be forking over money for a new one in no time. Keep your nonstick pans in shape by following these six tips from CR’s experts.

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00:00​ – Introduction
00:19​ – Why you shouldn't use metal utensils
00:27​ – Why cooking sprays damage nonstick coating
00:38​ – How to stack safely
00:46​ – Why you shouldn't submerge a hot pan in cold water
00:54​ – CR testing
01:04​ – How to clean a nonstick pan properly
01:09 – How to degunk buildup

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  1. My non-stick pan comes with instruction that says don’t add oil when cooking stuff like eggs. So far, nothing sticks while oil-less

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