2020 Cadillac XT6 First Impressions; Why Are Wagons Going Away? | Talking Cars #213

2020 Cadillac Xt6 First Impressions; Why Are Wagons Going Away? | Talking Cars #213 1

We just bought a 2020 Cadillac XT6 for testing at the track, and we give our first impressions on the midsized SUV, including how it stacks up against other 3-row competitors (including its big brother, the Escalade.) Volkswagen has ended production on some of the last station wagons in the US market, the Golf Alltrack and SportWagen; we analyze why many wagons are being discontinued, and what they are being replaced with. We also answer audience questions about the ideal driving conditions for a dual-clutch transmission, the use of advanced safety features in inclement weather, and why you might see a lot of soot on the tailpipe of a direct injection turbo.


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00:37 – Volkswagen discontinuing the Golf Alltrack and SportWagen

06:52 – 2020 Cadillac XT6 first impressions

11:59 – Question #1: Is a DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox or Dual-Clutch Transmission) ideal for heavy traffic driving?

16:10 – Question #2: How do advanced safety systems react in inclement weather?

19:53 – Question #3: Why is there a lot of soot on the tailpipe of a direct injection turbo car?

23:19 – Question #4: What is a good replacement for a 10 year old Prius?


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26 Comments on "2020 Cadillac XT6 First Impressions; Why Are Wagons Going Away? | Talking Cars #213"

  1. Oh, oh, I’d recommend the Mazda6 Wagon. Oh, wait, US doesn’t get that either.

  2. Going to miss the Alltrack/Sportwagen. Wife has one and it’s great. Love the lower driving position and snappier handling. Great fuel economy, too. All with 60+ cu*ft of cargo capacity!

  3. The guy asked for *data* on reliability of driver assistance systems in adverse conditions. Not anecdotes. Come on CR, we expect better from you.

    • inpressi75 CR is a joke. They have lost their soul.

      VW cars? Really CR? These are not from a reliable brand.

      …… and the comment about being an automotive journalist, really CR? Your DNA was founded on scientific testing and objective results….. how far your cultural bankruptcy has drug down your credibility. Who cares about owner satisfaction. CR is now stuffed full of opinions and anecdotal nonsensical garbage. Your founders would be ashamed of you. I am.

  4. I bought a new 2018 VW Golf Sportwagen FWD Auto Trim S in Dec. 2018 for 30% off MSRP. It is such a perfect vehicle for me and my family. I think one of the best things about the wagon style is the low, accessible roof that I use for my windsurfing gear. Small SUV’s are tall and putting boards and booms up there are a pain. The length of the vehicle and pass-through between the rear seats means I put the reminder of the gear tinside and still can take my wife and two kids. It’s fun to drive with the turbo 1.8L engine, gets great fuel economy, handling is pretty flat because of the low CoG but the ride is conpliant and quiet. Even the base model has standard Android Auto, heated mirrors and windshield washers, all four windows have one touch down and up, the interior quality of materials as well as fit and finish seem like a far more expensive vehicle. I just hope it’s reliable, if not there is always the 6yr/72K bumper-bumper warranty. Replacing this vehicle in the future is going to be very difficult.

  5. That Caddy – is stunningly good looking vehicle, it looks amazing ! But I do agree with CR, Cadillac needs to up their Game. Stop short-changing their content. Those actions won’t cut it now a days anymore. The other problem, with Caddilac moving cars off the showroom, is their lease programs suck in my humble opinion.

  6. By building cars that are no fun to drive; heavy, automatic SUV’s manufacturers condition consumers to accept autonomous cars. If there is no pleasure in driving there is nothing to loose and you will find yourself along for the ride.

  7. For the new hybrid, is a RAV4 hybrid an option? Just dont try a get an XSE version, the wait is insane.

  8. So tired of CUV’s, that’s almost all there are in the US now. Well, there’s trucks too. Yawn.

  9. For a road trip hybrid, I would also recommend the Toyota Highlander Hybrid as well because it’s comfortable, fuel efficient, reliable, and spacious, especially with the third row seat folded down which makes it perfect for road trip cargo and pets. And with the new Highlander coming soon, you could probably get a rebate for the outgoing Highlander Hybrid as well.

  10. Seriously, this video was a total waste. These 3 guys are giving thier opinion.

  11. an Audi Allroad is still pretty wagonish (only an inch taller than A4 sedan) and if you don’t go heavy on options isn’t that much more than many of the models mentioned

  12. you guys failed to acknowlege the KIA Nero in your wagon review. Although they want you to think its a small SUV, it’s front wheel drive only. And by the way, I absolutly love mine… 50MPG…. dual clutch transmission, not a cvt… sport mode give you an extra boost for quick starts…. truly a bargain and great car… long live the wagon..

  13. Audi Allroad, Merc E class wagon, Jag wagon, Volvo V90 are all good wagon choices. You don’t need a CUV.

  14. I like the XT5 and XT6. I have zero interest in the Escalade!

  15. Outback Outback Outback !!!

  16. These so-called SUVs…. SUCK. Especially compared to a regular car turned wagon. The effect of going “All SUVs” in this market is gonna produce another Cash for Clunkers situation

  17. Dear Cadillac design team, please hook up some James Brown and put some soul in your brand. Do the tighten up!

  18. The Cadillac is beautiful

  19. I had a MK7 GTI with DSG and never had a problem with it in traffic. Maybe because I sold it before reaching 20,000 miles.

  20. I love the front end!

    That’s it, the rest is just blaa….

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