2023 Toyota Sequoia | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #374

2023 Toyota Sequoia | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #374 1

Is the all-new 2023 Toyota Sequoia just a Tundra with a cap on the back? We share our first impressions of Toyota's largest SUV, how it compares to competitors like the Chevrolet Tahoe and Cadillac Escalade (or even the 4Runner!), and if it can carry the torch for the dearly departed Land Cruiser. We also discuss whether using a different octane gas, for example 87 vs. 88 octane, can harm your car's engine.


0:00: 2023 Toyota Sequoia first impressions

15:59: Can using a higher octane gas than is recommended in your owner’s manual harm your engine?


Toyota Sequoia –

Toyota Land Cruiser –

Toyota Tundra –

Chevrolet Tahoe –

Toyota 4Runner –

Cadillac Escalade –

Gas octane –

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12 Comments on "2023 Toyota Sequoia | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #374"

  1. Bring back the land cruiser!

  2. For those who want to smooth out the ride on the solid rear axle Sequoia, buy a model with more sensible 18″ rims not the absurd 22s found on the Capstone.

  3. no long wheel base variant is a deal breaker

  4. I’m very exited 2023 Toyota Sequoia for many things like having hybrid option but not having electric motors in the back, solid axles with lockers (with TRD Offroad package) along with many offroad tech with that package and you can get that package even with the 2nd trim “Limited”. (Base SR5 trim only have TRD SPort package that does not have those offroad Tech.) May be important info for CR when they are buying Sequoia for testing to understand the difference between TRD Sport package vs TRD Offroad Package. I also love the JBL Audio with Toyota Price tag. Hope CR will test the Bi-LED headlights as well. Especially the highbeam that I’m not happy with. But (a big but) the way the watercooled TwinTurbo with electronic wastegate is designed is concerning to me from service stand point to reliability stand point. Again CR should pay lot of attention when buying Sequoia as driving impressions will change alot depending on the shocks they get 2.5 Fox on TRD Pro or Bilstiens with TRD OR pachage and base gets I think Tokico shocks. This small change would impact ground clearance, angles, mpg, etc.. So much more details I came across since I was interested but that Turbo make me think “naah”.

  5. I’ve been using E30 (94 octane) in my non-flex fuel vehicles now for probably 5 years. Not a single issue, and in my turbo charged vehicles I’ve noticed a performance bump, and no noticeable drop in mpgs.

  6. What’s with all these SUV’s? I thought it was all about fuel conservation and the environment nowadays.

  7. noone is forcing you to buy the capstone

  8. What a scam! I didn’t know ethanol ruined engines. Did nobody test it before bringing it to market? We shouldn’t rely on “20/20 hindsight.”

  9. Amazing machine. Our old Sequoia was sold at 801k miles with the original engine / transmission/ air conditioning all working like the first day we bought it . I’m sure these won’t last as long but I’m sure you’ll still have the peace of mind if you like to road trip with the family a lot comfortably.

  10. There is no space behind 3rd row ……not even to keep a cabin baggage😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  11. I log my fuel consumption using Fuelly, and did an experiment this summer using my 2020 RAV4 Hybrid. Using two tankfuls as washout before the “measurement” tankfuls I noted a small decrease in mpg between regular 87 and E15 (from 43 mpg to 39 mpg). It’s hard to tell whether that’s actually a difference, as conditions vary, but if that holds I’d consider using E15 if it were 10-*15* percent less expensive than regular, or better.

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