Tesla Smart Summon; 2020 Hyundai Palisade Test Results | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #224

Tesla Smart Summon; 2020 Hyundai Palisade Test Results | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #224 1

Tesla's latest vehicle software update includes a feature called Smart Summon. We talk about the use and effectiveness of this autonomous feature and share our experiences of how it performed on our Model 3. Plus, we completed testing on the 2020 Hyundai Palisade, find out how it stacks up against its sister SUV, the Kia Telluride. And, we answer audience questions about head-gasket replacement, run-flat winter tires and Autobahn-worthy convertibles.


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00:28 – Tesla’s Smart Summon Feature
08:17 – 2020 Hyundai Palisade
14:43 – Question #1: Should I replace the head casket on my older Subaru?
18:15 – Question #2: Are regular winter tires better than run-flat winter tires?
20:40 – Question #3: Autobahn-worthy convertible?


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20 Comments on "Tesla Smart Summon; 2020 Hyundai Palisade Test Results | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #224"

  1. Smart Summon is in that “uncanny valley” of technology – much like voice controls a number of years ago – that are cool enough to take notice in controlled situations but in real life inaccurate enough to he maddening to live with such that it’s easier to not use it.

    I don’t want to crap on the effort – we have to start somewhere. But I agree how it’s sold is a bit much (magical hand waving)

  2. Great review. However, it’s not even arguable that the Hyundai is more luxurious. The features are minor but they’re there. There are 3 notable luxurious improvements going from the Kia to the Hyundai.

    1.) The Palisade has an available very impressive full digital 12.3 inch instrument cluster, similar to what we see in Audi and BMW vehicles. Telluride only has a 7 inch, with analog gauges.

    2.) The palisade has two additional speakers, further enhancing the audio quality.

    3.) The Palisade has diamond quilted accents in the doors and seats, giving a more upscale luxurious look.

    For people like me who pay attention to detail and appreciate the extra effort, my choice is the Palisade. I plan to purchase one.

  3. Thanks for answering! I love my Subaru, and I wish to keep it running well for as long as possible. Keep up the great work 👍

  4. Mobile Communications Network | October 11, 2019 at 5:01 PM |

    Testing the Subura with a Combustion Leak Test Kit (Amazon 50 dollars) for early head gasket leaking would be advised.
    Was the vehicle aggressively driven? Was the engine overheated? Dealer scanner tool reader could provide clues to the
    engine condition. Replacement requires the Engine be removed and Heads sent to a machine shop. High labor amount of hours and vehicle out of service for 10 days on average. Calling the Support line for head gasket sealer companies to see if this could extend the life of your existing gasket. Search Ytube for step by step process for this major labor effort repair. See forums search Subaru head gaskets for your year.
    Details https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHN9vHutESc

  5. The Tesla Summon feature is a public Beta, and you’re right to make that point, and Tesla should be much more forthcoming about that. But this is how they have always operated, so it isn’t a shock, though perhaps it is for some owners. But think forward just a few years to when electric cars are much more common and there are people waiting for chargers. Wouldn’t you want electric cars once they are fully charged, (or maybe even 80% since that’s the sweet spot) full to be able to automatically unplug (additional tech required for that step of course) and drive to an open parking spot, and the next car ‘in line” to drive up on its own to plug in? It would make charging in parking lots at work or overnight in hotels much more efficient. I’ll bet this won’t remain a gimmick for long.

  6. I initially didnt like the nose of the palisade, the more I look at it, I’m starting to like it…Its growing on me, the kia looks boring in comparison.

  7. In 2010, Subaru redesigned the head gaskets and all cars had that redesigned gasket at that point. Time will tell if they hold up better but as of now, according to CR’s own data, the change from 2009 to 2010 is phenomenal in their reliability data. On the Legacy for example, 2009 the engine gets the double down red arrow on major engine repairs. In 2010, it jumps to a green arrow up or above average. Since those cars are now 9 years old, and the problems don’t exist after that point on their cars, the odds are the redesigned gasket solved the issue. Of course, they now have a different issue – they burn engine oil over time, but in that case, you just add oil and the run fine. I own a 2013 Legacy with 100,000 and it does burn a little oil, but no gasket issues. So CR, you could have given better information in your answer – even though everything you said was correct.

  8. Subarus have head gasket issues for more than 10 model years. They rebuild the boxer engine around 2012 or so for this reason.

  9. How about the Audi A3 Cabriolet Prestige for $47,100.

  10. Is anyone shocked 🔋 that Tesla is over promising and under delivering. Here the problem is not just hurting stockholders/investors wallets, but possibly hurting pedestrians etc.

  11. Subaru head gasket issues are more common on the non-turbo models. For the Legacy GT you should be fine.

  12. For the European market you find other brands like Volvo, Opel, Peugeot, Renault… all have convertibles…

  13. CR seems to hesitate when making negative comments in their Tesla. Too bad. The Tesla is over promised and under delivered. Just say it.

  14. 15:27 I believe it is because of the boxer engine – more prone to gaskets and seals leak

  15. Tesla just seems like they want to sell the cars and then have a hands off approach. Weeks for repairs, hiding information and never respond to any Youtube car reviewers. Just off to me.

  16. Too much Technology is harmfull for our peace of mind, now we have to care for our car not hitting other`s??? What`s the matter with this companies??? and spending 6K, no way!!!

  17. I’m tired oh CR keeps complaining about the smart gear selector. Smart gear selected is the future

  18. Palisade still says “In-Test”, but I suppose there is more to do after your testing is complete before the page gets updated with the full test results.

  19. 4:04 those are very important things! Not something to be notified of way deep in the owners manual.

  20. There’s jake yeeee hawwww

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