Bonus: The Feasibility of Low-Carbon Fuels in the US | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports

Bonus: The Feasibility Of Low-Carbon Fuels In The Us | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports 1

While hybrids and EVs get a lot of attention in the automotive world, they are not the only options for those wanting to lower their carbon emissions; plug-in hybrids, flex fuels, and even hydrogen vehicles have made their way to the US market in recent years. But are these alternatives realistic for many drivers? Dr. Quinta Warren, CR’s Associate Director of Sustainability Policy, shares the latest on the current federal regulations and latest technologies designed to lower the carbon footprint of vehicles in the United States.

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23 Comments on "Bonus: The Feasibility of Low-Carbon Fuels in the US | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports"

  1. @deathevokation1017 | December 13, 2023 at 3:10 PM |

    The amount of oil powered machinery needed to extract minerals for EVs makes the EV a coal burner on it’s downside.

    • in the long term, an ev will use less resources but the hard pill to swallow for americans is that public transporation and restructuring cities with northern europe as the role model is the best way to deal with the issue so regular people could use the car less

    • While thats true, I think it only takes about 5 years of use for it to be better than even a very carbon efficient internal combustion engine.

  2. @kippaseo8027 | December 13, 2023 at 3:19 PM |

    Outlook Consumer Reports now has A Diversity higher in charge of a fictitious department

  3. @basedchad6284 | December 13, 2023 at 3:28 PM |

    Wait till you have to replace the battery after 100k miles in some brands, or waiting hours in line to just charge it. Also where does the electricity come from? It’s not coming from nuclear.. it’s mostly coming from coal plants… so it is really “clean” energy? Another thing to consider is the manufacturing and recycling process of these EV’s I just think there is a lot of BS when people talk about “green energy” with these.

    Realistically I think hydrogen or NH3 motors with an electric powertrain combination will probably be the most popular choice when the technology advances 10 – 20 years down the road.

  4. Well, there are so many holes when it comes to the benefits she describes and EVs this would be too long of a post to write them all down. My goodness, what are you guys doing over there. Do you really think the public has no clue about the negatives of EVs?

  5. @user-hn4eq8xt4o | December 13, 2023 at 3:35 PM |

    I hate how Woke has infiltrated every part of our lives. Thumbs down

  6. Too bad the oil and gas companies spent forty years dismissing the impact of fossil fuel emissions on climate change. Only now do they want to talk about carbon capture. So far it is mostly just talk. We already have proven affordable means to generate electricity that do not require expensive and unproven carbon capture and sequestration.

  7. @mr1bienvenu1 | December 13, 2023 at 5:28 PM |

    Actually they are not becoming more popular. American auto makers are cutting back on production because they can’t sell them. 😮 Does anyone tell the truth anymore?

    • Actually, they are. EVs are growing every year in terms of total number sold and percentage of all car sales every year. You see this also on the roads. Dont confuse over production with sales. Even pick up trucks are languishing at dealer lots. Your just listening to what you want to hear and can’t recognize the truth.

  8. @TheNortheastAl | December 13, 2023 at 7:01 PM |

    The facts, please. EV sales are not as strong as they say. Ford dealers are begging Ford to take the Electric F-150 Lightings off their lots because they are not selling and they are paying interest on those floor planned trucks every month. Teslas have one of the highest depreciation rates of all autos. Tesla had to cut their prices to sell more. They now are using cheaper battery materials, therefore, the overall driving range of the vehicles between recharging is shortening. GM just suspended their joint venture with Honda to co-produce EVs. The current comparison of cost to own and operate an EV is equivalent to over $17 per gallon of gasoline. I see no savings long term. It costs thousands to install a fast charging unit in your home. I’ve never experienced hours to fill my ICE vehicle at the gas station, yet, with EVs this happens at charging locations, as well as at home. Try having your wife fill up the EV at 11pm with no one manning the station for up to 45 minutes. The market Will choose, but the EPA puts restrictions on emissions, leaving no choice but for manufacturers to go the quick route of making EVs to meet the CAFE standards. It feels like mandatory to me. In NY the governor outlawed sales of gasoline operated vehicles by 2035. NJ just followed suit and California has similar regulations. This comes not from government, but a group of unelected officials (the EPA) making these binding rules. I’ve been a CR member for decades and I remember CR was very excited about EVs. Now, their most recent reliability figures, by actual owners, show they are the least reliable of all vehicles. None of this is even considering the child labor and polluting that lithium mining causes. Also there are toxic metals such as cobalt and nickel to consider as well. Insurance premiums are going up because, in part, EVs have caught fire and parking them in one’s garage raises liability. The other thing that government uses to induce people to buy EVs is tax credits. Who pays for those…we the people. There are no tax incentives for ICE vehicles. I’m guessing if you own an EV and live in the city, it may be a better choice. For the rest of us, I just don’t think they are ready for prime time.

    • Yeah, EV sales were up only 10 percent. Hybrids are the ones catching fire, there sales were up 75 percent. ICE cars were down 6 percent

      An 1800 charger is no biggie since the average gas costs are 2500 a year

      EVs are a bad choice for people in apartments though

      They addressed thw rwliability in their last episode.. The companies that are new to EVs are not doing well in reliability but Teslas are really good at it. They predict that the other companies will close that gap

      The whole thing is a mixed story and people usually base their opinion on politics instead of truth
      The truth always lays in the ,iddle

  9. @gabepettinicchio7454 | December 13, 2023 at 7:17 PM |

    She said that auto co.s are not being forced to produce electric cars, but does the government give them any type of incentives for production?

  10. She twisted the truth. EV sales are up but Hybrid sales are soaring. The technology has been around awhile and many companies are good at it. Only Tesla is good at the EV game sofar. The others will get better but not with my $.

  11. Great interview, more real facts discussed than are typically provided.

  12. dat Dali clock doe

  13. Can’t believe flex-fuel was even mentioned. E85 is so inefficient.

  14. @chili-rye123 | December 14, 2023 at 1:19 AM |

    I don’t think it can ever be overstated since it was only mentioned once here…EVs will not save the world. Tailpipes are just one small part of overall emissions as we are now learning. Brakes. Tires. And then the weight and safety implications on roads and people outside the vehicles.

    All vehicles should be electric. But addressing climate change means less driving, less cars. E-bikes, regular bikes, mopeds, walking, and public transit. Building our environment around that.

  15. Was this episode sponsored by the United Nations or the current administration ?

  16. @rightlanehog3151 | December 14, 2023 at 7:26 AM |

    Welcome Dr. Warren.

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