4 Comments on "How We Test TVs | Consumer Reports #shorts"

  1. Y’all do a very good job testing products! I’m going to go buy a tv soon for my upstairs living room and I’m going to check your rating on TVs before going to Best Buy.

  2. Your tests never mention which tv’s offer the best over air reception with an indoor antenna. Not everyone can afford cable or choose’s to go with pay tv.😢

    • When I used to live in an apartment complex they didn’t have any tv service so you had to get your own. Because I was only going to live there for two years I decided to buy an antenna from Home Depot and install it on my window. After running a channel scan I got access to around 37 beautiful digital channels. It worked great and was more reliable in storms than satellite tv. The only problem was when my apartment lost power I had to rerun a channel scan but that wasn’t a big deal. So yes I do recommend buy an antenna if you don’t want to pay a subscription for cable, satellite, or streaming services.

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