Can Self-Driving Cars Share the Roads With You? | Consumer Reports

Can Self-Driving Cars Share The Roads With You? | Consumer Reports 1

Are American roads ready for a future with automated shared vehicles, e-scooters, and new forms of public transit? Consumer Reports hosted a panel discussion at the Washington D.C. Auto Show to talk about needed change in American infrastructure.

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13 Comments on "Can Self-Driving Cars Share the Roads With You? | Consumer Reports"

  1. I completely agree with how dangerous it is to walk in many areas in the USA… not just because the infrastructure doesn’t allow for safe walking but also driver mentality… Drivers on the road don’t expect people crossing the street even in small neighbourhood roads… so no one really pays any attention or checks for pedestrians which is unacceptable (I almost got hit by a car because of this fact).

    • It’s incredible how many cities don’t even have sidewalks. I was in Florida and wanted to eat across the street from my hotel, it was incredibly dangerous and I couldn’t believe how vast the distances were in-between places.

    • Mitchell Barnow it’s the American obsession with cars… they forgot about everything else a city needs to thrive.

    • @Robbin Kalaamalho the is the flip side to this as well. If u focus on pedestrians then u automatically make the infrastructure such that cars slow down and don’t have as much freedom. U would’nt be able to get anywhere quickly. Just go to Europe or any developing country and see the situation of roads there. It’s frustrating to drive there… The roads are shared with pedestrians, bicycles, roadside vendors, even animals. It’s a nightmare. Believe me I come from such a place.

    • drmnys I mean I’m not saying slow down traffic for pedestrians… but people have to cross the road from time to time… and we don’t want to get hit by cars and die lol

  2. Infrastructure improvements should be financed and paid for by the highest mileage users of the roads. It’s not good policy; or fair, to tax everyone the same by instituting some sort of gas tax at the pump. Toll roads are not the answer either, as that would price the poor off the roads.. The technology to track vehicle mileage at annual inspection time along with a progressive fee for higher mileage road users, as they do most of the damage, would be the simplest way to pay for infrastructure improvements.

  3. There are no self driving cars, they’re still 20 years away. just like fusion power, lulz.

  4. CAN SHARE? yes
    SHOULD SHARE? no (at least with the current level of automation)

  5. No. Because there is no such thing as perfect roads or highways. Especially construction zones. Expecting a machine to correct itself for an unplanned event or inclimate weather is wrong.

  6. The lady must be very ignorant of the science of statistics.

  7. After having some kid staring at his cellphone drive into the side of my truck, parked in front of my house, I’d welcome self driving tech, though it has a way to go.

  8. The solution? Bernie Sanders, for a start.

  9. Autonomous and non-autonomous cars need to be on separate roads. Period.

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