What It Would Take to Cut Your Commute in Half | Consumer Reports

What It Would Take To Cut Your Commute In Half | Consumer Reports 1

Traffic costs people time and money, and increases crashes and air pollution. Consumer Reports hosted a panel discussion at the Washington D.C. Auto Show to talk about new technology and policy changes that could reduce road congestion.

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40 Comments on "What It Would Take to Cut Your Commute in Half | Consumer Reports"

  1. Drivers in CA ALREADY pay to use all roads and sometimes double and triple pay for roads, through paying yearly taxes and also Toll Fees.

  2. Free pass! I paid my taxes to DMV every year to use my vehicle on the road .

    • You likely also pay road taxes in fuel, property taxes for road building and maintenance etc etc… It’s ideologues like this woman who make regular folks tune out.

  3. Future 666 ID implanted in all us…

  4. Free pass??!!?!
    In NY we pay inspection, registration, parking, tolls, +taxes,+ extreme high insurance cost
    That lady clearly doesn’t own a car

  5. It’s called taxes. Roads are socialism

    • B uppy 🤣 LMFAO 😂 🙃 Oh, I understand that your embarrassingly bad at looking up historical data that’s open to the public such as past tax rates.

      🛑 Now, stop crying for others to do your homework 🍼😭. I bet you don’t even know what is the current top tax rate?… 🤫That’s what I thought kiddo, ya know 🚫😶

      Last chance kid, what’s the highest historical tax rates for the top income groups? Do your homework 📚 kiddo

    • @matthewweaverworks
      Making claims then covering for your lack of evidence by bloviating with emojis and acronyms reflects on you, not on me. “LMFAO, 🤣,😂,🙃,🛑,🍼,😭,🤫,🚫,😶,📚,” is a lot of deflection. You make the claims, you provide those clickable blue links. I’ll pass on doing *your* busy work/fools errand.

    • @matthewweaverworks
      Lol! Nice try. You still can’t find it. Kind of shows you to be a liar, doesn’t it?
      Notice you don’t know how to use the reply button so I am actually contacted. Fortunately, I know to check on people like you…

    • @B uppy 😯 WOW that’s sad. You have to delude yourself instead of simply conceding the point. 🤔Seriously, are you okay? You might need help.

      That or you think you’re playing games but it’s just coming off as pathetic.

      🥱 Whelp, you bore me, now. I’ll go bat around some other mice 🐁 🐈

      Really, seek therapy 👩‍⚕️

  6. most of those folks seem to have an agenda. the only people i want to hear from re: traffic congestion are logistics scientists/engineers.

  7. Moving closer to work helps, and then bike.

    • Exactly… Many people don’t even bother to consider their true commute time and costs when house shopping.

    • You assume people keep jobs as long as they keep houses. Also the area my job is located in is very expensive it is cheaper for me to own a car and commute than to live there I also have a larger home/land than I would in that area with more amenities and greater safety

    • @Josh Dollins agreed. I’m just saying people should consider it and not just assume it is overall cheaper and better to live “further out”. In certain cases, it may not be.

    • @Josh Dollins
      Look at the name of the story, then reconsider your comment. I am not ignoring the benefits of living farther out, just discussing a few ways to cut time.

  8. I think in the end in order to cut your commute in half you just gotta plan your trip. Not to mention the fact that infrastructure is outdated. Its overdue to be rebuilt. If you wanna experiance the worst of the worst. OXNARD SAVIERS DUREING 5PM. trust me its a shot show.

  9. Make people pay more in hopes of encouraging them to drive less. Leftist propaganda. Not unexpected from the likes of CR.How about pushing the policymakers to use the tax dollars they receive for the purposes they’re sent? It’s not uncommon for fuel taxes, and other taxes to be used as a tool to make up shortfalls elsewhere. Lame.

  10. Congestion is partly caused by schools often starting and closing at the same time. Schools need to start varying start times massively. An 11am start for example.

  11. Toll roads are popping up all around Texas. And I believe if you charge me to use the road I should be able to enjoy my drive by doing 120mph in the fast lane.

  12. The city where I currently live deliberately makes driving more difficult in order to incentivize using the urban transit system… except their urban transit is undependable, expensive and inconvenient. So we get to put up with constant 4 way stops on every second intersection, “traffic calming” inconveniences, speed bump, speed humps and “raised intersections along with a plethora of “speed reader signs” that flash if drivers go over artificially low speed limits… and people do so because the transit is so awful.

    To the ideologue who smarmily talks about drivers getting a free pass, such ignorance brings down the conversation. I’m disappointed CR would engage with such fools.

  13. All superficial measures. Why have large towers in central locations. Have smaller towers spread out but connected by technology and trains.

  14. Bleep #fakeclimatechange.
    Drivers pay more than thier far share.

    You’re going to have to pay for shipping at night.

  15. VOTE Primary on 3-3-2020 | February 28, 2020 at 4:23 AM |

    I’m tired of businesses opening in area that is already booming thus further raising the rent and congestion in that area. Ever see an Oreily opening right next to Autozone? pathetic.

  16. I will not pay thank you very much

  17. I quit my job, I save more money than I realized plus no more stress and breathing in fumes.

  18. Don’t believe I have the best solution; however, do have a crazy idea. Utilize the existing infrastructure ( roads ) along with ride sharing using 10-Passenger Vehicles ( not buses ) and be funded half-in-half by the consumer and local government. Would work like these: Customer would request ( by phone app or website ) a ride from a source to destination. The computer system would match up riders with similar starting and ending locations with local government approved licensed drivers. There would be an on-the-fly updated GPS unit to instruct the drivers on recommended routes. If each 10-Passenger Vehicle was only half utilized, then for each shared vehicle, would replace 5 vehicles and therefore; lessen traffic.

  19. Consumer reports should stay away from the controversial subject

  20. interning ideas… I go to multiple clients a day… that is the nature of my job

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