2024 Lexus TX Early Review | Consumer Reports

2024 Lexus Tx Early Review | Consumer Reports 1

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Lexus has expanded its SUV lineup with the all-new TX. It's a three-row SUV that proves spacious and powerful while delivering modern luxury. Sharing its dimensions and many mechanics with the new Toyota Grand Highlander, the TX brings many established Lexus elements, from the turbo and hybrid powertrains to the large infotainment screen with integrated knobs.

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First Drive: All-New 2024 Lexus TX Delivers Modern Luxury for the Whole Family

2024 Lexus TX

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  1. @KenjiPolkAudio | February 16, 2024 at 3:03 PM |

    That’s a joke! 😂

  2. annoying background music

  3. Toyota owners like myself who’ve been with Toyota for generations most likely not buy because of the 2.4 Turbo engine. I don’t see a point of buying a small displacement turbo gas engine Toyota. I would most likely look for Euro/German brands and use them for a short period. No, I’m not a turbo engine hater. If Toyota brings something like 4.5TD (without DPF) with dual fuel tanks about 47 gallons (180L) I’d strongly consider.

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