Best and Worst Cars of 2023 | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #434

Best And Worst Cars Of 2023 | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #434 1

We wrap 2023 with CR experts sharing their most and least favorite cars they drove in our testing fleet. Where do cars like the Toyota Prius, Honda CR-V hybrid, Rivian R1S, and Honda Accord hybrid fall on our lists? We also share some fun statistics from our testing program from 2023, and answer questions about regenerative braking in the Toyota Prius Prime and other hybrids, as well as how AWD systems work in EVs.

00:36 – CR testing statistics from 2023
3:03 – the best cars we tested in 2023
8:06 – the worst cars we tested in 2023
18:36 – do hybrids benefit from regeneration braking like electric vehicles?
23:51 – do all-wheel drive systems in EVs work the same way as in standard vehicles?

Popular Cars to Avoid and What to Buy Instead:

10 Most Reliable Cars:

Best Tires of the Year:

Best Car Batteries of the Year:

Which Brand Makes the Most Reliable Vehicles?

Ratings and test results on every car CR purchases and tests:

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23 Comments on "Best and Worst Cars of 2023 | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #434"

  1. @RANDsreviews | December 27, 2023 at 3:20 PM |

    The older Zs had manual transmission issues before 60K miles. Not sure where their made (not Japan), but many of my friends complained about it. Hopefully these manuals are better cuz i love the new Z!

  2. Will the Volvo XC40 Recharge all electric be tested in 2024?

  3. @sdjrinc.6921 | December 27, 2023 at 3:34 PM |

    If we’re talking about saving fuel the sonata hybrid be getting 50+ mpgs some people have gotten closer to nearly 60 mpgs which is superior to the accord and Camry hybrid, it’s always overlooked by all car journalist.

    • @stephenj4937 | December 27, 2023 at 4:08 PM |

      CR got better fuel economy (only slightly) in the Camry vs the Sonata. The Camry also had a better ride and smoother transmission, with significantly better predicted reliability and owner satisfaction. So that’s why it would get overlooked.

    • Please publish the facts on this. Making vague and unsupported statements is not the mission of consumer reports. They actually get the vast amounts of their information from real owners, not hear say.

  4. I have such a passion for automobiles that Consumer Report wouldn’t even feel like work.

  5. Which EV needed battery work? Why’s it a secret? 😂

  6. The Honda hybrid system doesn’t provide an MPG benefit on the highway, while Toyota’s does

  7. Very detailed report, thanks! I recently test drove the Honda CRV hybrid, and agree with you, loved the way it “shifted.” Currently have a 2020 CRV non-hybrid, and I am use to the cvt and I don’t notice the drone much unless under heavy acceleration, but I really liked the new application. I decided to keep my 2020 for now, but the 2023 I drove was very tempting.

  8. @louderthangod | December 27, 2023 at 3:54 PM |

    Consumer Reports needs to pay their people better.
    Also the regen on electrics is also not just something you adapt to quickly but specifically enjoy. I rarely hit my brakes and because of this they last a really long time.

    • From my understanding, the mission of Consumer reports is to provide information that ultimately help to inform and protect the public. They do more than just test cars. Please be informed before making broad statements.

  9. On the Rivian: when you sit on a waiting list for months or years, and when you spend that much money for a vehicle, it makes sense to me that you will claim a high satisfaction level with the vehicle and overlook its many flaws. You don’t want to admit to yourself or to anyone else that you made a bad bet on an investment that significant.

  10. Drinking game! Do a shot every time Stockburger interrupts someone with her horrific hot-takes! 🥃

  11. I never consider a vehicle until I have consulted with Consumer Reports. I use the information as a reference source and have made many great choices because of the info I wouldn’t otherwise have had. Additionally, I am glad that you also review other products and services and work to keep us consumers informed and aware. Thank you for this valuable service!

  12. @wayneott5990 | December 27, 2023 at 4:53 PM |

    As time goes complicated becomes problematic! I keep vehicles 20 plus years and if a vehicle is problematic and costly then it comes to a point it is scrap. Those wonderful batteries exposed to winter salt in the north; hum what is the true life of those EV batteries? Everyday driver is a 96 Accord and I don’t plan on parting with it anytime soon. Hum, 28 model years old same engine, transmission, struts, and four sets of new tires. Any EV batteries capable of lasting 28 years? If there is one then I would consider one; if not then in my lifetime I will never own an EV!

  13. @artblackwood7936 | December 27, 2023 at 4:56 PM |

    Should have titled this “Best and worst EV’s” You nearly ignored what 80%-85% of “consumers” are currently buying!

  14. Re: EVs. My biggest concern is residual values on leased vehicles. With the huge push to build-out the charging infrastructure to mee anticipated need combined with flagging EV sales I expect a looming disaster of poor charging station maintenance, massive off-lease losses, and a tough sales environment its going to be very challenging.

  15. Jen move the microphone to the right or left of your mouth so that it doesn’t pick up the “P’s & B’s”. Hard to listen to with headphones. The Microphone just needs to be close to you not directly in-front of you for this reason. Thanks!

  16. Tuning on EVs is huge for tire longevity.

  17. Ev’s are throwaway vehicles.

  18. Pretty much everyone likes the new Prius way more than the old one…except Mr. Contrary.

  19. I was not impressed with Honda CR-V hybrid. Overpriced, not very comfortable, driving was not much fun.

  20. Interesting, a lot of outlets said the Prius drives great. Some publications even gave it car of the year!

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