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Best and Worst Cars of 2023 | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #434

Best and Worst Cars of 2023 | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #434 1

We wrap 2023 with CR experts sharing their most and least favorite cars they drove in our testing fleet. Where do cars like the Toyota Prius, Honda CR-V hybrid, Rivian R1S, and Honda Accord hybrid fall on our lists? We also share some fun statistics from our testing program from 2023, and answer questions about regenerative braking in the Toyota Prius Prime and other hybrids, as well as how AWD systems work in EVs.

00:36 – CR testing statistics from 2023
3:03 – the best cars we tested in 2023
8:06 – the worst cars we tested in 2023
18:36 – do hybrids benefit from regeneration braking like electric vehicles?
23:51 – do all-wheel drive systems in EVs work the same way as in standard vehicles?

Popular Cars to Avoid and What to Buy Instead:

10 Most Reliable Cars:

Best Tires of the Year:

Best Car Batteries of the Year:

Which Brand Makes the Most Reliable Vehicles?

Ratings and test results on every car CR purchases and tests:

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