5 Best Ways to Save at the Gas Pump | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports

5 Best Ways To Save At The Gas Pump | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports 1

Gas prices are surging in the United States, and could reach all-time highs in the near future. We share the best ways to improve fuel economy in your vehicle, backed by data from tests performed at our Auto Test Track.

1:08 – Tip #1
2:04 – Tip #2
3:38 – Tip #3
5:40 – Tip #4
6:18 – Tip #5

10 Tips to Get the Most out of a Tank of Gas:

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18 Comments on "5 Best Ways to Save at the Gas Pump | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports"

  1. Number one check your tire pressure!

  2. So glad I went electric

  3. Buy a new/used electric vehicle.

  4. Great information guy’s thanks. 👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Oil prices are based on supply and demand. The US fleet is mostly gas guzzlers (SUVs and big pickup trucks). This is the cause of high gas prices whenever there’s a disruption. Get used to even higher gas prices folks. Those of us driving guzzlers only have ourselves to blame.

  6. I wonder why nothing was said about XS vehicle weight? If you don’t need need a ton of tools Or whatever in the trunk then get him out.

  7. For the A/C vs Windows scenario, is there a speed where A/C becomes a better choice than Windows? I always thought windows were better under highway speeds and at highway speeds the windows would cause too much drag so the A/C would be better then, but I haven’t tested it and probably couldn’t test it as accurately as you can.

  8. K&N Air Filter, LRR Tires (except if you live in a wet / snowy area), roof racks (even those crossbars), slightly over inflate your tires, open or crack windows (passenger front, & driver rear), alignment, learn how to pulse & glide, junk out of the vehicle, if you have a PHEV only fill the tank with what you need, avoid the line walk in if you can, if you are sitting put your vehicle into Neutral.

    • Don’t do the K&N. They filter like crap, and an air filter won’t help because if there’s less restriction there, you just have to close the throttle more to add the restriction back.

  9. Drive your VW turbo conservatively to save gas – and then have your wastegate fail for $2000 when it doesn’t get enough use 😒

  10. Window up, fan only, should be the best?

  11. $8 per gallon until we no longer have any. Good luck to us all.

  12. Don’t stomp on gas and slam on the brake. Simple

  13. ~5:10 — Have to be careful with the American measurements — MPG is not a linear measure, so losing 7 MPG off 25 MPG is the same fuel consumption increase as losing 13 MPG off 36 MPG. Metric L/100 km (or inverting MPG to get a consumption figure) can help show the differences more accurately without depending on the starting MPG.

    The article itself it has the base figures: “The Altima lost 13 mpg, going from 46 mpg to 33 mpg. The RAV4 lost 7 mpg, dropping to 32 mpg from 39 mpg.” In metric (consumption), that’s 5.1 to 7.1 L/100 km for the Altima, and 6.0 to 7.4 L/100 km for the Rav4 — so the Altima still had a larger hit, but the difference between them isn’t as big as the near double difference in MPG differences suggests (in metric, a hit of 2 vs 1.4).

  14. #1: Don’t vote for democratic leaders who have a disdain for domestic oil.

  15. fill up after 7pm its always cheaper !!

  16. Surprised they didn’t mention trip planning and carpooling. Fun fact: Over 76% of Americans drive alone to work.

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