2023 Toyota bZ4X First Look | Consumer Reports

2023 Toyota Bz4X First Look | Consumer Reports 1

The Toyota bZ4X is Toyota's first pure EV that's not a conversion of a traditional model or a fuel cell vehicle.

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24 Comments on "2023 Toyota bZ4X First Look | Consumer Reports"

  1. Not a fan of the placement of the gauge cluster, expect plenty of opportunity for sunlight to wash out the electronic gauges. Could really use some overhang to shade the gauges.

  2. This is about 5 years too late to the game. I see this and the Solterra flopping bad.

  3. I struggle with the execution of this car and its Subaru Solterra sibling. Hyundai/Kia have designed their ground-up EVs with 800v internal charging architecture that allow 18 minute “fill-ups” for a future when 350kw DC fast charging stations are more plentiful and reliable. Toyota already doesn’t make enough plug-in hybrid vehicles to keep up with demand today. I’d be more interested if Toyota and Subaru increased production of plug-in hybrids instead of EVs that are…”meh” by today’s ever-rising standards. A plug-in hybrid Outback or Forester for example?

  4. But it gonna last forever.its a toyota

  5. No vacation because I gave birth in a truck | August 1, 2022 at 1:29 PM |

    you didn’t mention its strongest point: battery life. it seems like that was toyota’s focus. not surprised tho.

    • The only reason they can tout that is the slow charging speed. If you simply use a slow charge rate on any of the competitors (at home charging) then they will all have long battery life. The advantage is, when you need fast charging, you’re not waiting 4 hrs in a Toyota. You’re done in 18min or less in a 800v car.

  6. I’m not a fan. Because Toyota and Subaru play it safe with new stuff, I’ll assume it’ll be pretty reliable.

  7. No vacation because I gave birth in a truck | August 1, 2022 at 1:32 PM |

    I like toyota but with that price, other evs might make better deal.

  8. I sat on the car during the NY auto show, the placement of the gauge cluster and the black fenders are deal breakers for me

    • Agree, the black fenders are heinous, like driving around with black primer after an accident. It’s what stood out for me of not wanting to buy.

  9. Boring and cheap looking as well as behind every other auto maker in the market. Hyundai and Kia whip the floor with Toyota in the EV area.

  10. Greetings from southern Ontario Canada my sister lives in Vancouver and she is considering the chevy blazer ev with a entry model 1LT @52000 canadian 400 kms per charge

  11. Toyota and Honda are sleep walking into the future. They are looking to the past and projecting it forward.
    EV adoption is accelerating every year. Exponential not linear. The only limiting factor is batteries.
    The number of electric vehicles and types of vehicles and trucks is growing.
    Electric vehicles are just better. No noise, no emissions, less fuel costs, less maintenance costs and amazing technology. Gasoline and diesel are OLD polluting technology. PHEVs still have a gasoline engine polluting the environment. Toyota and Honda will be late to the party. It will cost them market share, market value and future customers. There is a Climate Crisis. Young people will not buy petrol and diesel vehicles that add to the Climate Crisis.

    • No vacation because I gave birth in a truck | August 1, 2022 at 2:57 PM |

      young ppl from the lower class can’t afford any new car. they will be buying an old ice cars, or riding a bike or bus if they really care.

  12. What the hell is this thing? It looks like something a 5yo built using 3 different LEGO sets. I would sooner shave a bold spot in my hair and drive a Prosche around LA. I would sooner drive a ricer.

  13. For their first go at fully electric, I think this is good. It’s definitely behind but it’s still better than a Leaf or a Bolt which have been around longer.

  14. 1:30. It may take some getting used to to not have abiggazz steering wheel blocking your view???? What an incredibly stewpitt thing to say. Cr has a history of saying silly things that ARE BETTER despite being different. You said the same nonsense about the seat controls on the g35 and Nissan z. They were BETTER PLACED on the actual seat cushion where you could actually see them rather than on the side where you couldn’t see anything and you goons complained about it.

  15. Toyota has the ugliest cars right after Subaru. (Except BRZ/GR).

  16. Toyota really hates electric vehicles, I get it, but still.

  17. So are they still using NiMH batteries, or does this use LiIO batteries, or even LiFE batteries? NiMH are cheaper and generally longer lasting though lower energy density, which is why I understand they put them in the hybrid Tundra.

  18. Kia ev6 and Hyundai ioniq 5 are 10x better and way more clearly thought out 18 mins to 80 percent battery

  19. Great video, I am really curious about the bZ4x & RZ. It is over £43k starting in the UK so it is pretty expensive compared to the US model

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