2022 Toyota GR86 First Impressions; What’s Your “Forever” Car? | Talking Cars #321

2022 Toyota Gr86 First Impressions; What'S Your &Quot;Forever&Quot; Car? | Talking Cars #321 1

This week we share our first impressions of the 2022 Toyota GR86, discussing how it performed on our track, and how it compares to the previous generation Scion FR-S, Toyota 86, and Subaru BRZ. If you had to pick one car to drive for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Our experts share their choices! Other topics include: can you replace just two tires, or should you buy four new ones each time; why turn signals can be either amber or red in North America, and which color is proven to be safer; and why some vehicles are not crash tested by IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). 

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00:00 – Introduction
00:33 – 2022 Toyota GR86 First Impressions
12:26 – The “Forever” Car
20:57 – Question #1: Do you absolutely need to replace all four tires when getting new ones?
24:22 – Question #2: Should auto manufacturers be required to only use amber colored turn signals on cars?
30:07 – Question #3: Why some vehicles are not crash tested by the IIHS?
31:19 – Question #4: What suitable replacement for a Scion xB under 30K?

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21 Comments on "2022 Toyota GR86 First Impressions; What’s Your “Forever” Car? | Talking Cars #321"

  1. David Abrams, My forever car is my 2005 FWD, manual Pontiac Vibe. After 16 years it runs as well as the day it left the factory. When someone starts selling a compact, manual wagon that burns CO2 and emits oxygen from the tailpipe, I will consider replacing it.

  2. My forever car is actually the 2012 Toyota Avalon limited trim because it last over 500,000 miles and has super comfy ventilated seats with lots of leg, hip and shoulder room for 5 adults and a flat rear floor! Also a 12 speaker audio system! I would switch the limited suspension with the touring suspension from 2005-2008 models and also switch to 18 inch wheels with lower profile tires from 2013-2018 models for better handling! This car goes 0-60 in 6.2 seconds and gets better than the EPA MPG! It has been tested to get 23 MPG city and 34 MPG highway! This car not only is reliable enough to last forever, but will also keep you comfortable forever!

  3. I hope the CR does back to back tests of the 86 and BRZ on the track. I wonder if a more softly sprung BRZ (?) could actually be faster as the car might spend less time bouncing off the road and more time stuck to the pavement?

  4. HI JEN, RYAN, AND MONTY, GOOD SHOW!! On “Hot Rodding” the GR-86 with a turbo; why not two turbo’s??? How about two electric-powered small turbos, for lag-free instant spool-up, and so you can have one for each cylinder bank ( if they’re electric powered, doesn’t that technically make them Superchargers?? ) along with an air suspension, to make it more livable as an everyday driver?? And on the “one car for life” question : how about a TESLA Model Y Performance?? I know it would beat your choices at the drag strip; I think it would stay close to you on a handling track, and it would DEFINITELY KILL YOU ON A TRIP TO COSTCO OR BJ’S!!!! THANKS GUYS. CHAS ORVIS, PLAINVILLE, CT.

  5. That BRZ mod would also need to comply and covered under the warranty.

  6. For the guy replacing his XB: Get a Carolla hatchback or a base model Rav4.

  7. My forever car is my 2002 Saturn L300. Great car, very easy to drive, good performance and gas mileage. Gas and brake pedals are very easy to modulate unlike some others cars I tried that are just too touchy for me. Very reliable and I don’t worry about over-the-air hacking for control!

  8. Replacing LED headlights and tail lights can be very expensive, and often times proprietary

  9. I swear Jen was going to say Ford Flex.

  10. Good idea. Boost it!!!

  11. A good compromise would be to combine in one package enhanced backup lights with amber turn signal bulbs or LED’s.

  12. 2019 VW Golf SE with Driver Assistance Package incl. adaptive cruise, 17″ wheels, and 8″ screen. Excellent CR reliability even.

  13. This is easy: I’d definitely go with my 2016 Subaru WRX. All Wheel Drive, Four Doors, “Sporty” enough, and great gas mileage. I’ve cycled through lots of cars since I’ve had my WRX (FRS, BMW M2, A90 Supra) and the WRX has outlasted all of them so far. To be fair I live in a Northern State that “requires” AWD. If I HAD to make a change I’d probably change out the WRX with a BMW X5M.

  14. Literally the only reviewers to say they couldn’t feel more power at all.

  15. Datsun 240z and 280z , i wish i had both of those cars right now, again.

  16. I’m kind of surprised that they would make the Subaru version the touring car and the Toyota the track one. I agree that seems backward.

  17. Aren’t there are more than several makers now, who make cars with rear lights that are computer-controlled LED screens/oled screens with animated signaling? I think the new or upcoming Audi Q5 has OLED animated, Mercedes has cars on the way, etc. I wonder how these pass muster with the Feds? They are pretty dancy.

  18. I hope the BRZ becomes the touring version. I need a reliable replacement for my 2 Series.

  19. Lol, she enjoys antiquing and says she’s not aging? Oh come now.

  20. I really hope this car sells well. The mass market demands automatic SUVs/CUVs. It’s a miracle that the 86 got a second generation.

    Enthusiasts need to actually put their money where their mouths are, and actually try to “save the manuals,,” as well as compact fun-to-drive cars.

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