2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA Test Results; 2019 Automotive Naughty & Nice List | Talking Cars #235

2020 Mercedes-Benz Cla Test Results; 2019 Automotive Naughty &Amp; Nice List | Talking Cars #235 1

We have completed testing on Mercedes' 4-door coupe (or is it a sedan?), the 2020 CLA, and discuss whether its lower price makes it worthy of being a "gateway Benz." We celebrate this festive season and the end of 2019 with our own naughty and nice lists, and share our personal highlights and lowlights from the past year. We also talk about the nuances of finding the right adaptive cruise control system, how CR awards points for advanced safety gear across model lines, and the benefits of all-season tires over their summer and winter counterparts.

0:28 – our 2019 naughty & nice lists
10:06 – Mercedes-Benz CLA test results
15:49 – all-seasons tires, or a winter/summer tire combo?
18:08 – how CR factors in all available advanced safety gear for a model into its ratings
20:02 – the differences between various adaptive cruise control systems
23:50 – drivetrains differences in CR’s testing methodology
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28 Comments on "2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA Test Results; 2019 Automotive Naughty & Nice List | Talking Cars #235"

  1. I’ve heard the Hyundai / Kia / Genesis cars tend to have better adaptive cruise / highway assist system.
    Mercedes and BMW are quite good too as mentioned in the video.

  2. Mercedes keeps messing up with their entry level cars.

    • I think it’s because Mercedes’ mindset is in expensive cars, and they really have no clue on how make a car with value in mind without gutting it out. Mecerdes really shouldn’t bother, but I can’t blame them because people care so much about brands. I can’t believe people are paying more than something like a fully loaded Avalon for a sub-compact car with a flashy interior, so-so performance and lacks even basic features that come standard on a Corolla just to get a Mercedes badge.

  3. OMG just start a separate show for tire talk only already!

  4. How tall is Ryan?

  5. Notice how every question about a car someone bought has the subtext “please tell me I bought a good car”…..

  6. Review of a Corvette I read in the late 1970s complained that the “resume” feature on the cruise control accelerated at “near full throttle until the pre-set speed was reached”. Mike Quincy’s comment on how some of the early adaptive cruise systems behaved reminds me of that. 😄

  7. No Thanks

  8. BMW’s new business model: they’ll charge your credit card $1 every time you open the gas cap. But Car Play is free!

  9. BMW is being investigated by the SEC for falsifying sales numbers. So back on the “naughty list”?

  10. The new Supra has a current recall for failing headlights, and the funniness part of this situation is that you have to take your “Toyota” to a BMW service center to have the recall fixed.

  11. BMW and Mercedes are crooks, and the new Toyota Supra is a let down because it’s not a Toyota Supra. It’s BMW junk that wasn’t welded together properly. Think it’s going to last last like JZA80? Think again.

  12. Didn’t CR rate the new BMW 3 series as below average reliability? But BMW is on the nice list for free wireless carplay. Lol. Almost as bad as CNN.

  13. G70 all day over that ridiculously overpriced, overscreened, CLA. Fwd based cars are not luxury in my mind. Hard pass

  14. Ryan is such a DILF he is so hot

  15. nice color coordination

  16. Mike Quincy drives me nuts 🙄

  17. Why do they keep looking at each other instead of the camera while questions are being answered?

  18. The Corvette C8 – the chief GM engineer on the C8 said they couldn’t get anyone to build a manual transmissions such low volumes at a affordable price – Autoline.com

  19. As far as the supra goes… A good handling straight 6 from BMW is a fun car to drive! As far a worring about where to put yur phone? nuff said.

  20. Ryan is kinda hot, even if he is all thumbs.

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