Best Autos Moments of the Decade | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #236

Best Autos Moments Of The Decade | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #236 1

As we wrap up the final days of 2019, we look back on our favorite moments of the last ten years: our favorite vehicles of the 2010s, the most important innovations in the automotive space, and how Consumer Reports has adapted to this rapidly changing industry. We also discuss our predictions and wishes for what's to come in 2020 and beyond!

0:43 – how testing has changed at CR in the last ten years
3:15 – the cars CR was testing in 2010
9:13 – favorite automotive innovation of the 2010s
13:39 – most important innovation of the 2010s
23:23 – our predictions for the next decade
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26 Comments on "Best Autos Moments of the Decade | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #236"

  1. The only thing I like in the new cars is the smart cruise control. great to have when you’re driving long distance in a heavily traveled highway.

  2. great show as always, yes please don’t waste any CR money on ultra luxury cars.

  3. For all this talk about advancements in technology, the average age of cars on the road today is 11.8 years old according to IIHS.

  4. Register as Democrat NOW! Dem Primary on 3-3-2020 | December 30, 2019 at 7:09 PM |

    Maybe normalize auto pilot on long stretch freeway? Human drivers can make a safe, uneventful drive into a nightmare.

  5. Register as Democrat NOW! Dem Primary on 3-3-2020 | December 30, 2019 at 7:37 PM |

    20:05 Mike! 😂

  6. Mercedes’ augmented screen is a great start.. Fun show team… 👍😎

  7. those of us who live with very low cell service (or travel to similar places) cell phone nav can be problematic

  8. As an audio pro, every time I watch these videos, I cringe. I would like to see the Consumer Reports team’s audio techs set up the Rode NT1A microphones they are using properly. They are side-addressed microphones, not end-addressed. You have them all pointing the ends towards the presenters, instead of the side. For the Rode microphones, there is a gold dot on the side of the mic with the capsule. ‘Talk into the dot’.

  9. If certain evasive and self driving safety features become faultless and collisions stop occurring eventually other safety features like airbags, padded dashboards and seatbelts will become unnecessary.

    • Unusual evasion is constrained to the laws of physics. Unless we have AI that can see into the future, nature will continue to test whatever vehicle you may be in. (Ice, deer, falling rocks, sinkhole, flood water, falling tree, sudden failure of something near, …)

  10. So cool to hear 3 cars from American brands having winning for your favorites. Love it.

    • In the global economy, there is no such thing as an “American brand”.

    • @mrsj1417 Very true. Also in many cases there is no clear “Foreign brand” either. For example, most Subarus are made in Indiana by American workers. Most Honda Accords are made in Ohio. Most BMWs are made in North Carolina. The list goes on an on. However, the designs do come from the home countries for the most part.

  11. Wow that trunk release story was amazing!

  12. Happy New Year CR! 🎉

  13. a vette and/or tesla are my dream cars.

  14. The information available on the internet is much more precise and specific to a person’s needs that Consumer Reports has become a waste of money and time.

  15. Best Autos Moments of the next Decade: Tesla Roadster 2, Tesla Cybertruck, Tesla Next Thing, ….

  16. 14:05 BACKUP CAMERA: Please aske for a Recall ON 2016 INFINITI QX60 backup camera , it’s unusable at night due to poor image quality

  17. With the designs and useage of the all in one infotainment platforms/systems are not up to par even today! Reasons vary from lack of afterthought by engineering and/or cost counters. Until this is a thing of the past, I’d be far more happy to simply go back to the buttons and tuning knobs that actually work! Don’t get me started on the idea of designed to expire @ the warranty’s conclusion of coverage! Just far too many carptacular cars out here these days!

  18. CR focuses too much on safety features. Performance/driving feel, comfort, noise, features and and space efficiency are equally as important.

  19. What a fun video! Thank you, you guys rock!

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