2020 Kia Soul Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

2020 Kia Soul Quick Drive | Consumer Reports 1

The fully updated Kia Soul gets improved fuel economy and advanced safety features. With a spacious cabin, nimble handling, and a capable powertrain, this boxy hatchback seems to be a compelling alternative to compact SUVs.

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16 Comments on "2020 Kia Soul Quick Drive | Consumer Reports"

  1. This guy is a joke! He talks like it should be a luxury car when it’s affordable eco car with great functionality.

  2. Apparently Kia sells more Soul in the States, than entire Europe combined 🤯

  3. With both the Scion xB and the Nissan Cube long gone, who would have guessed that the “last man standing” in the once-popular box car segment would be the Kia Soul.

  4. It is time to move to all electric vehicles, no noise, no emissions.
    Gas and diesel are OLD polluting technology.
    It is time for all auto makers to commit to electric vehicles and dump fossil fuels.

  5. The future of transportation is electric. All electric BEV vehicles are just NEW better technology.
    No emissions, no noise, less fuel costs, less maintenance costs and longer lasting.
    Gas and diesel vehicles are OLD polluting technology. Legacy auto makers have been slow walking the change to electric. The longer they wait to go electric the more it will hurt. People are starting to realize that the Climate Crisis will impact everyone. It is getting hotter. More people are thinking about non polluting electric vehicle for their next purchase. Electric cars, electric trucks, electric scooters, electric buses, electric trams, electric boats.
    People do not buy OLD technology flip phones any more. They want NEW technology iphones.
    People do not want OLD technology gas and diesel.

  6. A fast-growing segment of the car market is senior citizens. For many reasons–including the great visibility, economy, ease of entry/exit and others–the Soul suits older drivers. People who love cars tend to be young folks who love sporty cars. But the car buying market is big and varied. The Soul will please many buyers.

    • Steve Grooms, I have a 2012 Soul I am about to pass on to my niece as a reliable, safe used car. One thing I never expected was how easily my mother with a walker could slide right into the front passenger seat, unlike other cars where you drop down low.

  7. Does it also add the same dysfunctionality as every Kia before it and the dealer offering a lifetime warranty on the engine? Trying to avoid the lemon laws with Santa Claus list of problems!!!!
    This should be on the do not buy list of cars held onto for more than 36,000 miles!!!!!!

  8. Have a 2010 Kia soul with 230,000 miles on it. Never had to do anything but regular maintenance. When it dies I’ll just buy a new one.

  9. The Mazda CX-3 and Hyundai Kona drive better, with less overstyled weirdness.

  10. Lexus ugly grille

  11. If you need something bigger than a Honda Fit, the Kia Soul is an excellent choice. Elantra GT hatchbacks, Forte5 Hatchbacks, Corolla Hatchbacks, and Honda Civic Hatchbacks just don’t offer the same value for space

  12. I don’t know why Consumer Reports doesn’t ever mention the vehicles past long-term reliability history?

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