10 Most Fuel Efficient SUVs | Consumer Reports

10 Most Fuel Efficient Suvs | Consumer Reports 1

Here are the 10 Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs from Consumer Reports' tests. Spoiler alert: All of the models on this list are hybrids that achieve at least 30 miles per gallon overall.

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10 Comments on "10 Most Fuel Efficient SUVs | Consumer Reports"

  1. The sacrifices involved in tolerating the cramped interior of the UX certainly do not pay off in increased mpg. We will have to see if the upcoming Corolla Cross Hybrid is just as disappointing compared to the RAV4 Hybrid. All in all, the Highlander Hybrid’s mpg is the most impressive of the bunch.

  2. But typical buyers are too cheap to buy the hybrid trim as they’re usually the highest cost. What can these typical buyers do? Or they seem to say, I need to tow 7000lbs and a hybrid won’t do.

  3. Where’s the Lexus Nx350h?

  4. The Sorento PHEV is missing here (I own this car currently), look forward to CR buying and testing out the car. I like it a lot!!!

  5. I’d LOVE to buy/lease an EV but $55,000+ is above my budget.

  6. What’s the mpgE top 10 for electric models? It’s cool to know which cars use the most and the least. I’m sure the Rivian is using way more electrons than a leaf to go the same milage

  7. Been a while since I last saw signs at dealerships with “we have Toyota PRIUS!” like I do these days.

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