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Printer Buying Guide | Consumer Reports 1

If you're in the market for a new printer, CR has you covered. We test printers for text quality, speed, and to determine how much ink they use (and waste). For more info, check out

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5 Comments on "Printer Buying Guide | Consumer Reports"

  1. I have no interest in printers but I just like your reviews.

  2. Laser printer toner cartridges do not “dry out” like inkjet cartridges do, especially if you don’t use the printer all the time.

  3. For 15 years I had a “Hate, Hate” relationship with ink printers. I said goodbye to them 3 years ago when I got a $100 Brother laser printer, no I don’t have color and I miss that some, but the cartridges are cheap and last a long time and I have had ZERO problems with it in 3years!!!! . No more ink rip-offs for me! I believe having a laser printer has actually lowered my blood pressure.

  4. Printers are incredibly inadequate unless you’re willing to shell out several hundred $

  5. LaserJets ALL THE WAY, go ahead and spend the extra money than on inkjet (you will be wasting your $)

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