2021 Toyota Sienna First Impressions; Finding Parts for Classic Vehicles | Talking Cars #292

2021 Toyota Sienna First Impressions; Finding Parts For Classic Vehicles | Talking Cars #292 1

This week we share our first impressions of the 2021 Toyota Sienna, and discuss the livability of this all-new minivan, the driving characteristics of the standard hybrid powertrain, and how it stacks up against competitors like the Chrysler Pacifica and Honda Odyssey. We also discuss tips for keeping LED headlights clear of ice and snow in winter weather, the best way to track down parts for classic cars, decipher all the acronyms and initials on the trim lines from various manufacturers, and how driving positions play a role in crash safety.


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00:00 – Introduction
00:33 – 2021 Toyota Sienna First Impressions
11:41 – Question #1: How to track down pmts for a classic vehicle?
14:48 – Question #2: How to keep LED headlights clear of snow and ice in the winter?
17:31 – Question #3: What do all the trim line initials and acronyms mean from different manufactures?
21:39 – Question #4: How do driving positions play a role in crash safety?


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11 Comments on "2021 Toyota Sienna First Impressions; Finding Parts for Classic Vehicles | Talking Cars #292"

  1. Wonder how the Sienna compares with the Chrysler Pacifica.

  2. One of the issues with LED headlights is snow building up on the headlight lens while driving thru heavy snow. The snow simply builds up because there is not enough heat generated by the lights themselves to melt any snow as it’s hitting the headlights, thus allowing it to build up.

  3. I’m sure that the Sienna will be much more reliable and retain much higher resale values than a Pacifica

  4. With the underpowered four cylinder and the CVT, the Sienna is a noisy slug that can’t get out of it’s own way. If you like zero to sixty times that can be clocked with an hourglass, (or maybe even a sundial) then this is the rig for you.

  5. I only buy naturally aspirated engines.

  6. A minivan from a credible manufacturer that offers a 50% increase in typical, stop and go fuel efficiency, seems like a very big leap forward to me.

  7. Oh the red truck returns 🙁

  8. I really feel like it is a bold move to make automobiles in only hybrid drivetrains particularly in their mainstream models such as the Sienna and the Venza.

  9. No mention of the Sienna’s lost ability to remove the second row captain’s chairs?

  10. Motorizing seats adds a lot of weight. The Sienna would lose the good MPG if they did that. Small price to pay to keep the world habitable for the kids that will be carried in the van.

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