Why You Should Rinse Your Rice Before You Cook It

Why You Should Rinse Your Rice Before You Cook It 1

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13 Comments on "Why You Should Rinse Your Rice Before You Cook It"

  1. Just buy rinse free rice. Super easy, just pour rice and water, and turn on the cooker, then wait.

  2. I need to see a lab test result of arsenic before and after rinsing, please.

  3. Bonus pro tip: try to rinse your rice in a separate container instead of the cooking one. The swirling rice starts to scratch and remove the non-stick coating inside, and those things are expensive (if not impossible) to replace. Especially true if you own one of those pricier pro cookers. Zojirushi hype!

  4. Millions would be dead from arsenic poisoning.

  5. I don’t understand the removal of ‘excess starch’; isn’t the rice made up entirely of starch?

    • If it’s a starchy food, then you would want to remove any excess starch to keep it from being overly starchy. That’s the way I understand it. ๐Ÿ˜Š
      The other reasons for rinsing are the main thing though.

    • @T455 is the starch just a coating on the surface of the rice or is the rice granule made up entirely of starch? I thought the latter. It’s definitely worth rinsing for the arsenic, so why not just leave it at that =)

  6. I use only instant rice, so I don’t need to do this, right?

  7. How much nutrition you lost

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