Why Airlines Are All Over The Map On COVID Safety | Consumer Reports

Why Airlines Are All Over The Map On Covid Safety | Consumer Reports 1

Concerns about flying and the transmission of COVID-19 remain high. As Consumer Reports points out, inconsistencies in government and airline policies have caused headaches and unsafe environments — that's why the Department of Transportation needs to require federal safety laws. Sign our petition at to demand change.

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10 Comments on "Why Airlines Are All Over The Map On COVID Safety | Consumer Reports"

  1. Wear a mask, don’t display your ignorance by not wearing one.

  2. it also doesn’t help that airlines suppress news of people catching covid all for the sake of sales.

  3. Really from the GOP and your Health and Lungs+

  4. In short terms NO. These got back from visiting the west coast 2 days ago and only 1 time a worker told a woman to put on her mask and she said no I have anxiety… Ha. So she didn’t and the worker walked away. Other then that at the airport or getting on the plane all masks were on there neck. An this was REALLY bad at FL do to I had 2 stops. American’s don’t care they these like to point there finger at other countries and say shame on you other then fixing themselves. I had my mask on from 6am to 1am no problems or ANXIETY when I very much do have it.

  5. The lady in the video seemed really concerned about catching COVID-19. But, does she realize the mask she was wearing was the equivalent of a screen door in a dust storm. N-95 or better, people could have a chance. Any thing less than that is just a gesture.

  6. give me a break.
    CFR now wants the government to make us all as safe as possible, whatever the heck that means?
    Will it mean in flu season, temperature checks will be mandatory before boarding?
    If not, why not?
    I have often sat next to hacking, sneezing and coughing sick people on across the country flights.
    Since when are we supposed to protect the immune-deficient?
    NOBODY helped me when my son suffered from cancer!
    NOBODY made sure they were not transferring their sickness onto me during our ti8mes of careful family protection!

    Nowcovid makes it EVERYBODY’S responsibility.
    This mother should be restricting HER life, not ours, JUST AS WE HAD TO.

  7. The Queen's Half Corgi | August 6, 2020 at 1:36 PM |

    Here in Canada, one of the reasons the airlines don’t really give a f is (the last time I’ve checked). The head of our airline watchdog, and head of the airline association (or whatever they are called) are a couple lol. Conflict of interest much?

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