20 Comments on "Tips for the Perfect Road Trip | Consumer Reports"

  1. wtf are those Electric animations it looks cheap, also why is the bald guy acting its not like you are shooting a movie. and whats up with the flying car >>???

  2. A better title would have been tips for general car checks

  3. missed the “brake fluid” reservoir under the hood.

  4. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. The graphics department had fun with this one

  6. Why covering a Subaru logo, is it because they did not pay to be featured or because the brand does not mater in this case?

  7. First rule for road safety: don’t listen to these two morons

  8. You left off the brake fluid, and directionals.

  9. Go electric, no noise, no emissions, less fuel costs, less maintenance costs.
    Don’t add to the Climate Crisis.

  10. Another good tip is to pack couple of blankets for emergencies, especially when traveling in cold or rural areas.

  11. What would you check if you’re driving an ev?

  12. I like how you blacked out the Subaru badge. lol. We all know what suv this is!

  13. Make sure to check the blinker fluid before a trip. Very important! Can’t believe this video failed to mention this tip :/

  14. Someone forgot to check the blinker fluid! Were the tires filled with Winter or Summer air?

  15. please stop this garbage for the love of god

  16. Looks like that’s the Subaru Ascent?

  17. Stop early and often- tired and bored driving is a lot less safe. Spending the night at a motel instead of driving all night is safer, maybe preventing a breakdown or crash when fewer people are around. On the other hand, plan to drive near or in cities away from rush hour times. You are much more likely to hit a deer at dawn or dusk.

  18. Diabeetus

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