Systems That Work Better (and Worse) Than Tesla’s Autopilot | Consumer Reports

Systems That Work Better (And Worse) Than Tesla'S Autopilot | Consumer Reports 1

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While it's true that self-driving, fully autonomous cars might still be many years away from actually making it to market, the active driving assistance systems available today are an important advancement in making driving easier and less stressful. But not all of these systems perform equally. Find out which systems are the best (and worst) according to our rigorous testing of over a dozen systems like Tesla's Autopilot, GM's Super Cruise, and Ford's BlueCruise.

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21 Comments on "Systems That Work Better (and Worse) Than Tesla’s Autopilot | Consumer Reports"

  1. Could you list all the systems you tested even if you cannot easily rank all of them. Perhaps on a spreadsheet or table list each system’s likes and dislikes.

    • Kwokman Chung | February 28, 2023 at 8:50 AM |

      They have all that but they won’t give you for free. They want you to subscribe to their paid service.

  2. Why do you need autopilot in the first place?

  3. you DON’T like the mercedes system because it allows the driver to ONLY have one hand resting on the wheel!!!??
    is this for real?
    you control nannies at CR are are rediculous!
    as IF you never drive this way!!!
    have you ever really driven over a few hundred miles on a trip?
    Did you always have BOTH hands on the wheel???

    come on…tell us the truth!

  4. Tesla Autopilot is actually pretty good, especially if you use the Navigate On Autopilot that is aware of taking exit ramps and such. Tesla FSD also does have driver monitoring with eye tracking, to make sure you’re not using your phone or looking away from the road for too long. I like that it works absolutely everywhere, not just clearly marked interstates

  5. OMG!!!
    did that driver in the mustang REALLY have a mask on!!
    and i thought the walking dead were in movies only

    what a nanny state CR has become…the worst of the diversity companies

  6. You just lost more subscribers. ONLY ONE comes close to actually driving using decision making and that’s Tesla’s autopilot.

  7. It doesn’t seem to me that coming to a stop in the lane of an interstate is a good idea. The Supercruise should work to the shoulder of the road before stopping.

  8. we have a genesis gv70 and we have to turn off the lane centering and only keep active cruise on. the lane centering is horrible even on a clear sunny day – lame

    • The lane centering on my genesis gv70 is smooth and reliable on straightaways and roads with gentle curves. It cannot rapidly change directions or manage sharp turns on the road.

    • As a GV70 driver, I don’t think your statements on lane centering reflect my experience with the vehicle. Overall, the lane centering is good on all but the twisty roads. The radar cruise control is smooth and quick to recognize surrounding vehicles. The problem with the Genesis lane-centering system is that it does not chime before disengaging either because it no longer recognizes lane markings or the turning speed/ radius exceeds its parameters.

  9. The Queen's Half Corgi | February 28, 2023 at 9:11 AM |

    Tesla fanboys triggered

  10. Driver gaze monitoring should be a mandated standard safety feature

  11. The Electric Man | February 28, 2023 at 10:48 AM |

    Thank For Posting This Awesome #tesla video

  12. Most experts in AI driving assistants point to Mercedes as having the best system at this moment. (Feb 2023)

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