Smart Lawn Care | Consumer Reports

Smart Lawn Care | Consumer Reports 1

A lush lawn doesn’t require excessive amounts of water. Consumer Reports’ expert explains how you can keep your outdoor space looking great.

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10 Comments on "Smart Lawn Care | Consumer Reports"

  1. Good info and vid, a little late in the season for those of us who live in the Northeast, but still appreciated 👍🏽

  2. Someone’s been watching Alton Brown’s Good Eats episodes

  3. Interesting way to describe the lawn with humor. Thanks Consumer Reports☺

  4. Corny AF but good info

  5. Go watch the Lawn Care Nut or one of his buddies. This video is useless.

  6. Has CR gone full stupid? Does Sesame Street run production?

  7. Lawn and Order? 🤣

  8. So much useless footage for so little information…..

  9. Nice video, entertaining and informative.
    Some people will always find something to complain about, all the negative commenters, look in the mirror.

  10. your mise en scene has gone too far. Another video like this and I will unsubscribe. I have no time to waste on this

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