Rising Car Battery Prices; Stressful Car Buying Situations; Replacement for Ultra High Mileage Camry

Rising Car Battery Prices; Stressful Car Buying Situations; Replacement For Ultra High Mileage Camry 1

This week we dip into the mailbag to answer audience questions, including ways to improve the car buying experience at the dealer, whether all-season or winter tires are better for wet (but not snowy) driving conditions, and if pressing your accelerator will override automatic emergency braking (AEB) in a crash situation, and many more!


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00:54 – Question #1: Why car battery prices are increasing?

03:30 – Question #2: Are Subaru ads accurate, claiming high reliability?

05:34 – Question #3: Replacing a high mileage V6 Camry with a Hybrid SUV.

09:02 – Question #4: Is an all-weather tire better than a winter tire for wet braking?

11:55 – Question #5: Why aren't manufacturers putting more effort into improving the car buying experience?

15:29 – Question #6: Does the gas pedal override the automatic emergency braking?

17:35 – Question #7: How much range will an electric car's battery lose sitting in a parking lot for an extended period of time with colder temperatures?

20:18 – Question #8: Will SUVs rule the roost forever, or could there be a shift back to sedans and wagons?

25:23 – Question #9: Which car is better for high altitude driving?

27:34 – Question #10: Please recommend a fun, responsive, safe, and reliable four seat sedan with good fuel economy.


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  1. New expensive batteries? Another reason to buy used cars.

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