Guess this Sports Car

Guess This Sports Car 1

Can you guess the car based on its engine note alone? CR Engineer Alex Knizek shows us this highly anticipated car.

14 Comments on "Guess this Sports Car"

  1. New corvette looks like plastic car

  2. Made it approachable to people used to a front engined car, aka this thing is tuned to understeer compared to other mid engines

  3. A nice summer car for the track.

  4. They did a great job, I just don’t know if they did a great job in relation to their past models.

  5. Guessed it before the engine noise, the spoiler behind you literally spoiled it 😅

  6. CR promoting gas guzzlers in a time of climate emergency. SMH

  7. ***Yawn***
    Meanwhile in my Tesla Plaid……..

  8. I can tell it was a Corvette, because the the engine sound like it was growling , It sound rough. European engine usually try to be whispered quiet. Porsch engine has a nice hum to it.

  9. I guessed it right because I noticed it’s mid engined, LS V8, and because of the interior

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