Guess this Sports Car

Guess This Sports Car 1

Can you guess the car based on its engine note alone? CR Engineer Alex Knizek shows us this highly anticipated car.

14 Comments on "Guess this Sports Car"

  1. I guessed it!

  2. vette

  3. New corvette looks like plastic car

  4. C8

  5. Made it approachable to people used to a front engined car, aka this thing is tuned to understeer compared to other mid engines

  6. A nice summer car for the track.

  7. They did a great job, I just don’t know if they did a great job in relation to their past models.

  8. Guessed it before the engine noise, the spoiler behind you literally spoiled it 😅

  9. Christopher Peppey | December 27, 2021 at 11:01 AM | Reply

    CR promoting gas guzzlers in a time of climate emergency. SMH

  10. ***Yawn***
    Meanwhile in my Tesla Plaid……..

  11. I can tell it was a Corvette, because the the engine sound like it was growling , It sound rough. European engine usually try to be whispered quiet. Porsch engine has a nice hum to it.

  12. It’s a Jackal

  13. I guessed it right because I noticed it’s mid engined, LS V8, and because of the interior

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