CR Experts Live From Their Living Rooms | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #251

Cr Experts Live From Their Living Rooms | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #251 1

The gang's all here! This week, our CR auto experts answer your questions from the comfort of their homes. We reach out to the entire Talking Cars team to see what they have been doing to keep busy during the quarantine, and answer your questions about maintaining your car during the coronavirus crisis, why Toyota isn't building electric vehicles, whether a white or yellow fog light is more effective, a fun replacement for a Toyota Celica GT-S, and more.

1:51 – how to properly exercise your car during the coronavirus crisis
5:34 – does the color of fog lights affect performance?
7:49 – best small hybrid for an adult buying their first car
9:50 – what’s a fuel-efficient vehicle with good lumbar support?
11:35 – is poor ride a symptom of a defective tire?
14:30 – what’s the next advanced safety innovation coming to cars?
16:00 – why isn’t Toyota building electric cars?
18:54 – can a child seat be safely installed in a two-seater?
21:57 – how does the world dispose of old cars?
25:50 – best car to replace a Toyota Celica GT-S
Car Care and Maintenance During the Coronavirus Pandemic:
How to Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus When Pumping Gas:
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27 Comments on "CR Experts Live From Their Living Rooms | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #251"

  1. Mike Monticello, Are there seven motorcycles in your collection?

  2. This turned out to be one of the best Talking Cars episode ever. I think it has a lot to with the CR Experts responding while being in their living rooms, garage and out in the open. The question on child seats and showing CR experts child was the icing on the cake and so appropriate. Comparatively speaking the usual ones now seem too clinical. Even after the pandemic is over, I wish they will continue just the way it was today. Kudos to everyone in the video for this memorable episode.

  3. I’ve just spent four weeks with myself and I have to apologized to everyone who’s ever had to spend time with me.

  4. This was the best video so far of Talking Cars.

  5. Living in Sweden and having myself (and others) have “summer cars” which we park for 6 months straight, your advice is extremely conservative. Here the “truth” is that you can leave a vehicle for 6 months with a battery charger and everything will be fine. Yes, we do fill up the tank before this, but I’ve done this with motorcycles and cars (as others do here) and we don’t really worry. 2 months limit? That’s extremely conservative.

    Lots of people here have “summer vehicles” since 4-5 months out of the year there is snow+salt where you don’t use motorcycles or cabriolets or sports cars, and storing a vehicle for 6 months without driving them at all, is just what people do. Would love to hear your comments on this.

  6. This video was awesome, thank you guys for all coming together and creating content and videos during this time! You all seem to enjoy nature a lot and live in a more country-esk area!

  7. Thank you for answering my question. Stay safe, appreciate it. Sounds like I should just get a 4-seater fun car.

  8. Thanks for answering the question, yeah, Ryan you where right on. I just had to get used to the all season tires to answer the question on the age it was put on in 2016. They don’t seem to have any issues besides not riding as nice as the Nokian’s. I thought that could be why also, the tread depth and softness of the rubber. It was just a surprise; And made me nervous. So thanks again, for confirming and helping ease my concerns. I’m already used to it. And they drive well other than In snow.

  9. 16:00 Fuel cell- electric cars are so much less efficient than pure electric obviously.

    • While it should be obvious, apparently it isn’t, see my extended comment to that effect next to yours…

    • Absolutely, the hydrogen fuel cell use cycle is super inefficient. To obtain the hydrogen, chill it, compress it transport it and use it in a fuel cell that is only 65% efficient, you have wasted a lot of energy. Meanwhile, electric motors and batteries are both about 90% efficient. Also current hybrids get about 50 MPG while pure electrics often get over 100 MPGe. Also, there is virtually no hydrogen infrastructure.

  10. Great emcee job Mike, you have the gift. Good to see you all staying safe. We are hunkered down up here in BC Canada except for my weekly solo motorcycle ride day. Great video – thanks to you all.

  11. I look forward to this every week, but even more now that I’m home & inside a lot. Thanks for a great show.

  12. Thank you so much, Talking Cars, for your shows. These have always been extremely interesting, informative, and yes, entertaining in a very good way. In these “virus” days, your shows are helping us all keep sane. Please, and I think I speak for all of your audience: Keep it Up! We need your shows! And, yes, I am a subscriber…best money I have ever spent.

  13. Mike M is a great host. Great video. Loved the behind the scenes into what everyone is up to

  14. Cookies! Love the formate of this “at home” episode. I have been watching your show for a long time and really love them your personalities shine through. Gives me a smile and a laugh.

  15. 27:00 It’s great seeing Tom drive the Miata! Awesome job Talking Cars!!!

  16. Love Emily, shes so funny

  17. Great video, I like these question format vids 🙂 For the Quincy answer, I would add in a Hyundai Ionic Hybrid, hatchback and normal transmission.

    • We have a 2019 Ionic Limited EV, which we love. The car is really comfortable. For anyone who has access to charging stations (whether at home or via ‘s extensive list), and drives a reasonable amount per day (we get over 125 miles per charge, and the 202 model gets a lot more), I recommend going full electric.

  18. Thanks all. I just love Talking Cars and this episode. On the “how to exercise your car” question I would have loved if you added consideration for standard cars, hybrids, plug-in hybrids and, and EVs.

    Thanks I’ll keep up the great work.

  19. Thanks so much for this video and all your work!

  20. Everyone seems so nice. Great to see Mutchler cornering in the Miata. Hope he’s doing well too.

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