Can the iPhone 15 Lineup Survive CR’s Drop Test? | Consumer Reports

Can The Iphone 15 Lineup Survive Cr’s Drop Test? | Consumer Reports 1

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10 Comments on "Can the iPhone 15 Lineup Survive CR’s Drop Test? | Consumer Reports"

  1. CR rocks

  2. David McCarthy | October 5, 2023 at 4:45 PM |

    Yes, but what idiot doesn’t use a case on a $1000 phone?

  3. No bend test for regular 15?

  4. Isn’t that more like a slide test? I wouldn’t expect much damage with the phone sliding from end to end, as opposed to being dropped vertically 🤷

    • If you listen closely you’ll definitely hear drops not slides.

    • @Jhonny Drop ehhh I guess the design of the container may result in actual drops, but I’d rather see it than hear it. I prefer the tests on other channels where the phone is dropped vertically from different heights, clearly showing the effect on the sides, front and back after each drop.

    • those little boxes on the side stop it from sliding and force it to drop.

  5. You’re comparing two different Bend tests. One with a single point of pressure and the other with two points of pressure that are spread further apart. This is not the same test.

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