Buying vs. Leasing an EV; Electric Car Battery Replacement | Talking Cars #354

Buying Vs. Leasing An Ev; Electric Car Battery Replacement | Talking Cars #354 1

Do electric cars have a break-in period? Is it smarter to buy or lease an EV? And is it better to be stranded overnight in a gas vehicle, or an electric car? We answer these and other EV-related questions on this episode, including how hot summer temperatures affect an EV's driving range, what happens in an EV right before the battery dies, and what resources are available for those that want to learn more about electric vehicles before they take the plunge.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:55 – Electric Cars 101
02:15 – Buying vs. Leasing an EV
05:53 – Break-in Period for Electric Cars
08:14 – EV Battery Replacement
10:58 – Battery Performance in Traffic
13:48 – EV Battery Performance in Extreme Temperatures
16:45 – What Happens When The Battery Runs Out Completely

Electric Cars 101: The Answers to All Your EV Questions

How Much Do Cold Temperatures Affect an Electric Vehicle’s Driving Range?

What Happens to the Old Batteries in Electric Cars?

How to Find All the Available Electric Car Incentives

How to Choose the Best Home Wall Charger for Your Electric Vehicle

Consumer Reports Survey Shows Strong Interest in Electric Cars

Guide to Car Safety

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17 Comments on "Buying vs. Leasing an EV; Electric Car Battery Replacement | Talking Cars #354"

  1. Mr. Hot Air, lol.

  2. Kudos to Keith on his Apple IIc setup in the background.

  3. Great episode thank you

  4. Regarding the viewer question on leasing versus buying EVs, don’t you need to purchase the vehicle to receive the $7500 tax credit which is currently the one that is available? My impression was that if you lease a vehicle you are out of luck. No? Thanks for a great show.

  5. This episode nearly got off the rails…and I like it 👀

  6. 🤯will smith joke. 🥴

  7. You didn’t answer that last question properly. They asked “is there enough juice to run the hazard lights? and “Can it be switched into neutral?” This has nothing to do with the main high voltage battery and everything to do with the 12V system on the car. If the customer ran the car past zero miles remaining, all the way to when the car actually stops and won’t move, the 12V will still power all the cabin features like hazard lights, windows, locks, and gear selector.

    • The Queen's Half Corgi | April 8, 2022 at 4:31 PM |

      Typical CR 😆

    • I agree with you. Not only they didn’t answer but also answered the question unrealistically.

      I have a 4-year-old mobile device (cell phone) and a 5-year-old laptop.
      They both no longer have mobility capacity (without carrying the charger) since the devices can be shut down as themselves even if they have some remaining. (when it is below 20~30%, it can suddenly shut down based on the app or program). Plus, the replacement of the battery is very expensive.
      EV is like a giant electric device.

      for the other questions,
      Leasing vs buying an EV: They must consider the battery issue after 3 or 4 years from the purchase.

      Extreme temperature: The reviewers and testers are testing with the new vehicle so they can be careless about what happens when the battery gets old/weak.

  8. Keith’s bad sound makes good video look bad.

  9. I am the person stuck at that event, what I saw is few Teslas once pulled over road asides, they stuck there.(P85D, Model 3 and Model X) My guess is they are more displacement than normal cars made it harder to getting out of situation. My experience when even happen I have 3/4 gas of full tank. I need turn on air conditioning every half hour, keep it on for 10mins and turn it off. We have blankets in car and we are four guys in an Nissan Rogue S. Outside temp is like -8 degree C. We were lucky stuck at near one one exit so we can walk 2 mile in local target and other convinent store. But 18 hours was pretty hard time even we had sneakers in cars since we were on road trip.

  10. (When I was watching the GR Corolla reveal, I was like, “hey what’s the CR dude doing up there…isn’t that a conflict of interest!? Took me a hot second to realize that Keith Barry and Rutledge Wood are not in fact the same person.)

  11. What makes you think everyone wants an EV? They’re not only expensive but out of reach for the average person, not to mention the fact they are more polluting long term that a gasoline vehicle. Yes charging is only about $20 now but when they don’t have the money they’re getting now from gas tax to pay for road maintenance and upgrades etc where do you think they’re going to get it. From raising the cost of charging to $100.00 or more.

  12. I’m not sure what happened to that show, it used to be better and with good substance. Now it’s so dull and annoying. Shame

  13. Keep a couple candles in the car during winter. If you really get stuck in your car in a snow storm, just lighting a candle will keep you warm. A simple candle inside a tent will raise the temp by as much as ten degrees. Along with a blanket you can survive.

  14. To me an EV is a city car or to drive somewhere far as 70% of the mile range.

  15. Cars dont really rust anymore…. There’s probably 50+ mechanic YouTubers who would beg to differ… Especially the ones on the east coast/northeast.

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