2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray First Impressions; Why is This Smart Car Trying to Tow Anything?

2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray First Impressions; Why Is This Smart Car Trying To Tow Anything? 1

We recently welcomed the 2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray into our test fleet, and we share our first impressions on its driving dynamics, styling, and interior drawbacks. Also, with Corvette always giving buyers more performance per dollar than other automakers, we compare how this first ever mid-engine Corvette compares to other, more exotic sports cars, like Ferraris and Lamborghinis. We also discuss whether Rivian's new Adventure charging network will accommodate other manufacturer's EVs, or be proprietary like Tesla Superchargers. Other topics include: which SUV is best suited for an adventurous family; is it wise to replace original larger wheels on a vehicle with a smaller size; and if a Smart car is capable of towing.


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00:00 – Introduction
23:24 – Question #1: Will Rivian’s Adventure charging network other EVs or be proprietary like Tesla?
26:22 – Question #2: Which SUV is best suited for an adventurous family?
30:24 – Question #3: Is a Smart car capable of towing anything at all?
33:02 – Question #4: Would it be wise to replace original equipment larger wheels for a smaller size?

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10 Comments on "2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray First Impressions; Why is This Smart Car Trying to Tow Anything?"

  1. Why is manual transmission disappearing?
    Population ?
    Too many vehicles on road…….stop and go traffic…..mostly stop.

    • When manufacturers offer a model with both a manual and an automatic, only a few percent of people buy the manual, making the economics of the proposition unfriendly. Though on a Corvette, I’m sure the take-rate would be far higher. If a manual *was* offered, I’d still buy the automatic for sake of convenience. (Miata would probably be another case where the percentage of people who buy the manual would be pretty high I assume.)

  2. I like how no one gets excited any more. Looks O.K.

  3. Yeah – dual clutch transmission. I’m sooooo sorry. ALL high horsepower cars have computer controlled transmissions *including* the manuals. Manual shifters in high horsepower cars fool drivers into believing they in control. With the “thumbs down,” about the Vette not having a “manual,” I’m going to stop watching. The concept of “Manual transmission for high horsepower cars,” is already dead. And even their now imagined presence (helped by computers) is going to die with those who demand them. The computers have to control manual transmissions in high horsepower cars, or shifter freaks will shred clutches, because they cannot control the clutch/transmission/power transfer system as well as a computer can. You might imagine you are in control with a manual, but you are *less* in control than you would be with a dual-clutch paddle shifter. Welcome to the 21st century.

  4. great job boys

  5. That tow hitch could be there to discourage other drivers from “parking by feel” when parallel parked on the street.

  6. I’ve found that the vast majority of “save the manuals” supporters haven’t purchased a NEW manual car in the last ten years. So why would the manufactureres bother making things that won’t sell well? People didn’t put their money where their mouths were.

  7. Great show, as always guys! One thing…we all need to just stop riding the manual’s rule train…If the auto is better, it’s better. At some point, we stopped hand-cranking cars, and stopped having to pull the choke, etc…it’s an evolution…Manuals are fun, but I’m finding lately that the cars with manuals aren’t all great, which makes sense. Car makers are spending 0 dollars on developing manuals since they don’t sell. So, even if you can get one, they aren’t always very good…And, every super car out there (with the exception of a Porsche), comes with a DCT or auto…I love manuals, but paddles don’t suck when they work well.

  8. Ryan is back 😍

  9. With the 2021/22 being sold out, makes me wonder why you guys wasted money buying this car for testing when none of your readers would benefit from your review….guess you just wanted a toy to play with.

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