2020 Lincoln Corsair; How Crash Test Dummies Can Cause Injuries | Talking Cars #227

2020 Lincoln Corsair; How Crash Test Dummies Can Cause Injuries | Talking Cars #227 1

We give our first impressions of the 2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV, which we recently bought for our testing program, including how it compares to the platforming-sharing 2020 Ford Escape. We also discuss our recent investigation into how male-focused crash test dummies put female drivers at risk. And we answer your questions about compact SUVs under $10,000, Apple CarPlay subscriptions, and the science behind anti-whiplash seats.


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02:24 – The Crash Test Dummy Bias

12:40 – 2020 Lincoln Corsair First Impressions

18:51 – Question #1: How do ant-whiplash front seats affect rear seat occupants?

22:01 – Question #2: Is Apple CarPlay becoming a subscription based service?

23:17 – Question #3: A comfortable and fuel efficient sedan for senior drivers?

27:18 – Question #4: A reliable compact SUV under 10K?


The Crash Test Bias: How Male-Focused Testing Puts Female Drivers at Risk

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17 Comments on "2020 Lincoln Corsair; How Crash Test Dummies Can Cause Injuries | Talking Cars #227"

  1. Lot to unravel here

  2. I would love to be there, if I only could! My spouse is having surgery that day, so it goes without saying where I’ll be.

  3. Simple fact is, women will always have a higher probability of injury in an accident due to the differences in how men and women’s bodies are made. As said in the video, differences in bone density and geometry as well as tendons. Sadly, until 100% of injuries can be avoided, women will get hurt more than men.

  4. I expect MORE from CR when talking data.
    This data seems weirdly erred.
    How many are we talking about?
    How many MORE women are actually hurt by this…and what exactly are you proposing?
    Damage equality?
    Injury compromise?
    Adjust to the average so more men, less women get hurt?
    Really, this is why CR needs to slow the growth of its staff. Filling the cubicles with all these PC worriers is driving me away.

  5. Dummies are women too!

  6. CR please push the industry toward smaller lighter safer cars that use less resources and are fun to drive.

  7. Really exceptional episode.

  8. There are now automakers charging for remote start after one year now. That’s something that can be done on most cars in perpetuity once you have the keyfob but now it’s a service app for some brands.

  9. Host did a fantastic job – very generous with the limelight and a great curator. Other guests added fantastic authority and knowledge. This is a really good panel and excellent vibe.

  10. Hold up guys, that question on the Apple CarPlay thing has an answer, the BMW CEO said the reason why Apple CarPlay is a charge per month option is because they have a wireless charger that wirelessly puts Apple CarPlay into your phone without a cord, that cost a lot of money to implement so therefore it offers the monthly charge it may go away in 10 years once that technology is cheap enough but right now that is the cost. I wish you guys would’ve explained this.

  11. Thank you CR for the extensive research! I’m very happy that safety in vehicles has improved so much.

  12. Nice to have a more in depth look into crashes. There is a lot going into cars that easy to over look like crashes.

  13. Isn’t the Apple CP BMW subscription for wireless connectivity? After the introductory period you can still use ACP with a physical connection..

  14. It’s always nice to see a new face on the panel. Welcome, Dr Thomas!

  15. Awesome having Dr. Emily Thomas on. I enjoyed her expertise on crashes and her input on the questions. 👍🏼

  16. THX for doing this one.. safety is critical and very interesting to many ppl like myself!!

  17. $10K for an SUV? Squeeze another $5K and get an old Highlander. You’ll be happy.

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