2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport; Coronavirus Affecting Auto Shows | Talking Cars #245

2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport; Coronavirus Affecting Auto Shows | Talking Cars #245 1

Consumer Reports has rented a 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport, and we give our first impressions on this 2-row midsize SUV, compare it to the regular Atlas, as well as other 5-seat SUVs. With the cancellation of the Geneva Auto Show due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, we discuss the future of auto shows worldwide, and whether they make practical sense for manufacturers anymore. We also answer audience questions about how CR car experts are able to retain information to compare different vehicle generations, if a manufacturer's warranty will transfer with the sale of a used car, and why the world of LED, HID, and halogen headlights seems more confusing than ever.

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00:58 – Coronavirus Affecting Auto Shows

06:12 – 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport First Impressions

13:00 – Question #1: How are CR car experts able to retain information to compare different vehicle generations?

16:58 – Question #2: Does the manufacturer's warranty transfer with the sale of a used car?

20:58 – Question #3: What is a safe driving position?

23:41 – Question #4: why the world of LED, HID, and halogen headlights seems more confusing than ever?


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22 Comments on "2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport; Coronavirus Affecting Auto Shows | Talking Cars #245"

  1. Why talk over each other…🤯 Especially Mr.Green Shirt…..

  2. I like this version – I don’t need the 3rd row but still want lots of cargo space. For those that might read this comment, what are the other 2-row CUVs with the most cargo space behind the 2nd row? The sloped rear roof doesn’t bother me because we rarely pack stuff above the window line (ok maybe a few inches above), so square footage is much more important to me than volume (e.g., I would choose a Subaru Outback over the Forester.) I don’t like the reduced visibility though – you can slope the roof down some without making a Camaro-sized rear window.

  3. I would constantly get flashed in my 2018 Kia Soul with the projector beams when I had my low beams on

  4. I don’t care how anybody dresses, I have not room, let’s just say, I will never forget that lime shirt.

  5. I agree with Keith and would definitely choose the Arteon over the CrossSport.

  6. I love going to the Chicago Auto Show. It was amazing seeing concepts and getting to see what my next car could be. The Indianapolis car show (city I live in) is nothing but a large car dealership showing. It’s terrible. The car shows have to be worth going to otherwise attendance will definitely tank like the Indy one.

  7. Just attended the Cleveland Auto Show & drove several different vehicles., climbed in & out of many. It was certainly crowded so lots of people must like it. I would hate to see car shows end!

  8. Keith Barry is a gem.

    • Christoph Neuscheler | March 8, 2020 at 4:15 PM |

      I think it’s not really automobile journalism, to me it’s simply attention grabbing. Ritter Sport compare was sacrilegious.
      Of course these SUV coupes according to VW marketing “empty nester fun vehicles” are a paradox but it’s also what consumers want and buy. The guys sitting there obviously must know that?

  9. Precisely correct, Keith!!

  10. Sport is the most misused and deceptive word in the auto industry.

  11. Lord Commander Manny | March 7, 2020 at 10:59 AM |

    Keith the real car I missed being from 1990’s is the beautiful sport coupe. Eldordo LSC super coupe thunderbird and Supra

  12. love the show. it would be great if you can cover more the financial aspects of buying cars, new versus used, buy versus lease etc.

  13. Funny about the LED in Alaska. I think in the most of the lower 48 police cars have the crummiest halogen lights out there and that is the give away.

  14. “Sloth Sport” made me laugh really, really hard.

  15. Plain and simple, SUV led headlights need a lower cut off

  16. I am from Alaska, and I really wonder where her relative is from because there are LED Headlights everywhere. This is why people still think we leave in igloos and ride moose. – Sent from my macbook in my house with electricity.

  17. I like the Cross Sport concept; no need for a 3 row and actually has plenty of cargo space. Nice looking – better than the Passport in looks.Would not own a sedan so this is a nice option.

  18. 9 and 3 on the steering wheel – glad they are up to date on the latest standards.

  19. Love my steering LED headlights on my 2017 KIA Optima. Auto hi beams make things easy down a dark unlight back road .Hi beams flick off just before the oncoming car might flash me. Works perfect every time !!

  20. Heres who this SUV is for. Me! I’ve owned VWs since 2004. I have a 2003 Jetta GLI, 2004 Audi A4 3.0 Cab, and a 2015 Jetta Sport. I keep my cars, and keep them well maintained. As I’ve gotten older and so have those older than me I know I need an SUV. Getting into a lower down vehicle isn’t always a good thing. I dont have children, so no need for the Atlas. I wont be doing a cross country trip with 5 adults. So theres no need for a huge cargo space. It maybe similar inside to the Areteon, but as I said before, a lower down car is becoming more non realistic. Therefore this is where a sportier Atlas fills the void, hence the Atlas Cross Sport! It fits where VW left the void of the Touareg, base price starting out much cheaper. People in reviews complain about the slope of the C columns, I would say how different are they from any other 5 seat SUV… Ford Edge, Porsche Cayenne, Macarn… Lastly although the Touareg isnt sold in the States, but it still is in other countries. The Atlas Cross Sport is very similar is design and style on the outside. I still say it was a replacement for the highly priced Touareg, which started around $56,000. People shied away from it because they could get an Audi Q5 starting at $48,000. So while those that think there isnt a market for another 5 seater. For those of us that only buy and will only buy VW, there is! Thank you!

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