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BONUS: 2022 Top Picks | Talking Cars

BONUS: 2022 Top Picks | Talking Cars 1

It’s that time of year again, we share CR’s Top Picks for 2022. Find out which 10 vehicles we think are the best according to our tests and member survey data. This year, we categorized our Top Picks by price, ranging from under $25K to $45K and beyond. We also discuss our Brand Report Card and reveal the best brands of 2022.

2:30 – Top Electric Vehicle

4:49 – Top Picks Under $25K

6:30 – Top Picks $25K-$35K

10:20 – Top Picks $35K-$45K

18:15 – Top Picks $45K+

22:47 – Best Brands of 2022

Top Picks 2022:

Which Car Brands Make the Best Vehicles:

Are You Ready For a Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid or Fully electric Vehicle:

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