2022 New York Auto Show: Nissan Ariya EV | Consumer Reports

2022 New York Auto Show: Nissan Ariya Ev | Consumer Reports 1

Nissan was a pioneer in the electric vehicle space with the original 2011 Leaf. At this year's New York International Auto Show, Nissan showcased the 2023 Ariya — their second fully electric car.

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10 Comments on "2022 New York Auto Show: Nissan Ariya EV | Consumer Reports"

  1. They don’t have capacitive touch on the steering wheel, they are normal buttons homie…

  2. Does it really kill car companies to design and make real buttons any more??? I love Star Trek LCARS panels, but we’re still a few hundred years behind….

  3. To the consumer reports staff, please tell me it took you multiple takes on this one because you couldn’t keep a straight face when you heard that price…

    Id rather them revolutionize the leaf platform if building a new one is gonna cost us 46k base 😭

  4. Ghosn thief gone and time to rebuild image

  5. The US median salary is about $70k. Spending $50k for an entry level electric SUV is crazy.

  6. Everyone else is pronouncing it “aria” like the musical term, not “area”. I don’t know which is correct though.

  7. The Ariya in surprisingly stylish inside and out. This could be a real winner if Nissan can build enough of them. EVs are in such short supply now it’s not really time to compete all you have to do is get some built and they will sell. However, the Toyota BZ4X looks instantly dated and almost “unfinished” compared to the Ariya. Well done Nissan.

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